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Where to Shop and How to Save on Kids Clothes | #BacktoSchool

Who’s ready to think about back to school? I’m not but it’s inevitable so why not get the jump on all the responsibilities that come along with back to school time.
For moms some things are a must.
  • We must replace worn and tattered clothes and shoes.
  • We must buy school supplies so that are kids are prepared to learn.
  • We must keep track of all those important back to school dates.
So let’s focus on back to school clothes shopping. I have three children who I’m shopping for this year and I want to make it as painless as possible for my pocketbook. I’ve been doing that by shopping around sale, utilizing the clearance racks and perusing thrift stores.
Today’s video will highlight some of the my most recent finds.
In this video I shopped at the following stores.
  1. Target
  2. Walmart
  3. Belks
  4. Dollar General
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3 thoughts on “Where to Shop and How to Save on Kids Clothes | #BacktoSchool

  1. Great tips, I do lots of shopping at Kohl's I save a ton shopping for off season clothes at the beginning of spring/summer!

  2. I have four kids to prepare to go back to chool so I have been looking around for bargain items including multi-season items like jeans an polo shirts.

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