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Weeknight Grilled Chicken Three Ways

This post was sponsored by Better Than Bouillon as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Here in the Carolina’s the temperature is already topping the upper 90’s. When it gets this hot we take our cooking outdoors a few times a week. Instead of heating up the house, Germaine and I brave the heat and fire up the grill. When we do, usually make enough food to last us at least a week.

This week I asked Germaine to help me make chicken three ways using whole chickens and Better Than Bouillon flavor bases. It seems now that Juwan and Niyah are in high-school and Junior at college our lives have changed. Germaine and I gained a new level of marital independence with our kids being the ages they are. Life no longer centers around the kids, but more around marital goals and dreams.

Lately we’ve been working out and working on our business more. We’ve been dreaming and traveling more. We love being on the go, but our meal planning habit has taken a hit. We’ve had to switch some things around to make sure we have a day to cook and prep meals for the week in as little time as possible.Weeknight Grilled Chicken Three Ways

To save time on this weeks meals I wanted to make one meat and use it three ways. To get different flavors I brushed my chicken with three different Better Than Bouillon pastes. Better Than Bouillon has several bases that can be used when cooking including Chicken, Beef, Vegetable, Garlic, Fish, and Mushroom. I love the wide variety available and how it helps me create multiple flavored dishes even when cooking everything at once.

For this meal I bought two whole chickens and cut them both in half. Then I used the Better Than Bouillon concentrated pastes to quickly boost the flavor of the chicken. Better Than Bouillon is my easy way to infuse lots of flavor in meats when I don’t have time to marinate them for hours.Weeknight Grilled Chicken Three Ways To make sure the flavor is present in every bite I brushed the chicken with mushroom, vegetable and roasted garlic paste. I brushed paste on top and underneath the skin so it flavored the entire chicken. I could have cooked the chicken whole, but cut them in half to reduce cooking time. Cutting the chicken in half allows more of the chicken surface to come in contact with the hot grill grates and cook faster.  Weeknight Grilled Chicken Three Ways

Weeknight Grilled Chicken Three WaysWhile the chicken cooked on the grill, I brushed I brushed When the chicken cooled I cut it into eight pieces to use throughout out the week. The breast meat is stored in separate containers from the legs and wings. We used the tender, juicy breast meat for wraps, salads, stir fries and even quesadillas. We use the legs, thighs and wings as well to be paired with grilled vegetables, rice and casseroles.Weeknight Grilled Chicken Three Ways

Weeknight Grilled Chicken Three WaysBetter Than Bouillon pastes are a great way to flavor food simply and a nice alternative to canned broths or cubes. I could not have made this recipe using broths or cubes. The paste makes it a better pantry staple since it can be used in soups, stews, as a marinade and rub.

Weeknight Grilled Chicken Three Ways

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