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Update Your Vinyl Flooring with Paint

Remember that time I painted the vinyl floors in my bathroom as a frugal way to update floors?
Well, I’m at it again, only this time it was last minute so the pictures aren’t as clear. Nevertheless, you can still get an idea of the drastic change.
We’d already pulled up the carpet from off of the stairs and painted them brown and white. We intend to redo the foyer floor, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet with all of the other projects we’re working on.
As you can see, the vinyl is discolored from over ten years of wear and tear. Although there’s usually a rug here at the front door, I was just tired of the way the floor looked and decided to paint it for now using this paint.

I also needed to repaint the stairs which had been badly chipped and scraped while moving our couches downstairs. After getting everything taped off, I went to work painting. Here’s what it looked like after just one coat of paint.
Now, take a look at the rich chocolate color after two coats of paint.


I’m already feeling better about this area at my front door. Even the chipped paint on the stairs has been updated. On a side note, my bathroom floors still look amazing. None of the paint has chiped or peeled. Th only reason that happened on the stairs is because of use moving dragging the heavy couches down them.


When I took these pictures it was late afternoon so there a bit grainy. I’ll try and take some updated pictures to share once the foyer is styled.

You can see what products I used and how I painted the floors in this post.

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2 thoughts on “Update Your Vinyl Flooring with Paint

  1. I didn't know that you could paint flooring. As long as it's in good shape to begin with, that is good idea. I may check into this myself. Thanks for the idea.

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