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Have you ever read reviews about a place only to go experience it for yourself and be sorely disappointed? That’s happened a few times during our travels, but this was not one of those times! The Bent Spoon was everything the reviews said it was and we’re looking forward to going back again.The Bent Spoon

The Bent SpoonThe Bent Spoon is a modern-day ice-cream shop with a cozy millennial feel. It’s super cramped inside and it’s always crowded, but that’s what I think people love about it in addition to the amazing artisanal ice cream and baked goods they serve. When we arrived there was a small line outside the door that moved pretty quickly.

The Bent Spoon

Inside there are a few tables packed in along with a bench near the front window. When we got inside I went to sit down (like my husband was planing on staying…Ha!) but he made a bee line for the counter. He didn’t get far because one step inside the door and you’re still in line when the place is packed. It’s really small inside which is why I didn’t take pictures inside, plus I was too busy trying to read the menu and decide what I wanted. I did find this picture online to give you idea of what it looks like inside. The Bent Spoon


The staff who seemed young enough to be college students, were friendly and helpful while taking and preparing our orders. We all ordered something different and no one was disappointed. I’m glad too because for just under $6 a cup I wanted this ice-cream to be everything I imagined. I initially wanted to go when we were last here on Princeton’s move-in weekend, but we ran out of time. I’m actually glad we waited until this weekend because we had our youngest children with us.

New Jersey Family Travel

New Jersey Family Travel

New Jersey Family Travel

They have already asked if we are going to for ice-cream when we go see Jr. for spring break so I’m sure this will be a family tradition of ours when we’re in town visiting.New Jersey Family Travel | The Bent Spoon

I ended up ordering a scoop of the Lavender Mascaropne and a scoop of Fresh Ricotta and neither flavor disappointed. The ice cream is light, has a gelato texture and it’s most likely what I’ll order again.The Bent Spoon

The Bent Spoon is located at 35 Palmer Square W, Princeton, N.J. and accepts “cash only”.


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