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Sol Republic Tracks on ear headphones and the LG Tone Wireless Headphones | Best Headphones for Work or Play

I am heavily reliant on my headphones and have gone through about four pair before settling in on these two.

I use headphones everyday for up to five hours so having a reliable pair that will meet my needs is important to me. 

After using a few in low to mid price ranges I’ve found that you get what you pay for. When you go cheap you get cheap quality in terms of sound and product construction.

Right now you’ll spot me wearing the Sol Republic Tracks on ear headphones or the LG Tone Wireless Headphones.

 Why two pair of heaphones?

Each pair serves a different function. 

The LG’s are my work headphones. They are primarily for communication and allows me to:

  • Talk hands free while driving.
  • Take calls even when I’m not in arms reach of my phone with it’s wireless/bluetooth capability.
  • Have a a lighter pair of headphones to use when I’m running.

The Sol Republic’s are my play headphones. They are primarily for listening to music during workouts and provide:

  • Great sound quality (the base is cray-cray).
  • Large cushions that surround the ear and block out external noise.
  • On cord remote and microphone that allows me to move between songs or answer calls without having to use my phone.

Of these two I am blown away the most by the Sol Republic’s Tracks because the
headphones are interchangeable. I can swap out headbands, the cables, and detachable drivers for ones that fit my personal style.

Part of my personality and what motivates me to workout is finding workout gear in my favorite colors which are pink and purple. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for a way to get the headband in pink and purple.

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13 thoughts on “Sol Republic Tracks on ear headphones and the LG Tone Wireless Headphones | Best Headphones for Work or Play

  1. More than that, alongside wire less bluetooth earphones, you can keep up encountering your most loved auto stereo applications without being required to make utilization of outer speakers and furthermore mics.Wireless bluetooth Headphones Reviews

  2. There are some headphones that have a low quality build up and they do not last for a longer period of time. corey Sometimes a popular brand can give you the bad results in terms of durability.

  3. I personally like "Koss Sportapro Headphones".
    I just bought a pair of these guys a week ago, received it yesterday and I'm very impressed. My favorite toy currently is my 3DS XL and I was using the cheap 10 dollar earbuds you can find at walmart with it then realized that the 3DS probably sounds much better than my headphones were giving me. For instance, I was pretty sure there was some bass going on that I could not hear at all. These headphones not only make the games sound wonderful, but sounds off at a volume much higher than I could achieve with cheap headphones. (Max volume on a Nintendo device is not very loud, they care about your ears) Best of all was the price, I kept finding sales around the 35 dollar range but found a pair for 20 dollars shipping included. However, while looking up some reviews I ended up coming across the same headphones for even cheaper than I paid. So, I recommend them too. Also, I'm not big on spending a lot of money on stuff, I still seem to burn through my money so lately I've been trying to purchase things so I actually have something to own when I run out of money each week.

  4. Personally I like many types of music, but I can’t say that I fall in love with a lot of music. It is usually special bands here and there that make their way through my ears that I tend to love and stick with for a long time. The beautiful thing is, everyone’s taste in music is different so no matter what music you make, you’re likely to find someone who will appreciate it. Of course the music industry favours certain types of music and is designed to not allow indie bands to get very far, but that is a whole other discussion.

  5. I never really understood the importance of good headphones until recently. When you're using headphones for work, they need to work, and work well!

  6. Margaret, my husband bought mine for my birthday on February. I'm buying him the wireless Tracks for his birthday next month. He's been wanting them since he bought me mine.

  7. Janeane, I know how much you use headphones for calls and such. I used to use my earbuds that came with my phone, but I love that these LG's are wireless.

  8. I'm a hugh fan of SOL headphones and I have refused to get others when a store was out of them. I will have to check these out

  9. I agree that when it comes to earphones and headsets you get what you pay for! Good quality earphones make it possible for me to be more efficient in phone conversations, during video hangouts and things of that nature. I also like good earphones when I work out so I am lost with the music and the workout.

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