Saturday Itinerary for Kids Ages 2 to 10 Years Old

Germaine and I love having our grandkids over on the weekend especially now that we have a routine. Our grandchildren are ages 2, 3 and 7 years old and the youngest two sometimes require more energy than we’re used to.

Before mapping out a Saturday itinerary we were winging it. We’d get them to the house and play for a few hours and realize they have way more energy than we did. We’d be worn out by 5 p.m. and they’d be asking what are we doing next.

The good thing is Layna and Kari are very self sufficient and helpful with Leah who’s the baby of the bunch, but they’re all full of energy.

After having them over a few times before the quarantine we knew we had to come up with a plan because they were wearing us out physically.

So the first time we had them over after the quarantine we followed the itinerary below and it was a huge success. So much so that we copies it the very next time they spent the weekend with us.

Saturday Weekend Itinerary for Kids 2 to 10 Years OldSaturday Itinerary for Kids Ages 2 to 10 Years Old

10 a.m. – Pick them up and go to lunch. The ride from their house to ours is an hour and fifteen minutes. During the car ride we talk about school and anything they want to talk about.

11:30 – Pick up lunch at Chick-fil-A. This is our go to lunch location. My two teens (their aunt and uncle) both work there. I like to take the grandkids there  and let them get excited when they see their auntie and uncle. Kari, Leah and Layna also are in love with Chick-Fil-A.

It’s a whole experience for them. They like decided what to get in their kids meals and they love the prizes. Because Chik-Fil-A is still closed for inside dining we order to go. Once it opens we’ll start eating there and letting the kids play in the play area.

11:45 – Lunch at Grandmas and Grandpa’s.Saturday Itinerary for Kids Ages 2 to 10 Years Old

12:15 – Garden Time. Saturday Itinerary for Kids Ages 2 to 10 Years OldMy grandchildren love taking a walk around outside. They know I love growing flowers and vegetables. When we get outside they want to know what’s new in the vegetable garden and they want to pick flowers. Germaine doesn’t like all of the flower beds, but when I see my grand kids faces light up as I talk to them about flower names, and the parts of the flowers it all worth it. Saturday Itinerary for Kids Ages 2 to 10 Years OldWhen we visit the vegetable gardens I tell them about the growth process and let them see how much has grown since the last time the were here. If there are some edible vegetable I let them eat something. The last time my kale was growing and we ate some right off of the stem. Most grownups I talk to tell me about the vegetable they don’t like and I always think it’s about exposure.

Vegetables are a big part of my meals so I expose my grandchildren to many. They love kiwi, dried cranberries and avocado because they’re used to eating it. While we’re in the garden Germaine is usually in the house organizing their clothes for bath time and church on Sunday morning. Once he’a done we pack the kids back into the car for our next activity.

1:00 – The Lake and Park. Saturday Itinerary for Kids Ages 2 to 10 Years OldWe have a beautiful lake nearby and four parks to choose from. We love taking them to the lake because there’s a lake, walking trail and a park in one location. There are ducks, snakes, fish, turtles and lots of natural elements to engage little ones. The first time we took them I thought it would be too much walking for them, but they loved it and had no complaints, not even the baby of the bunch. Saturday Itinerary for Kids Ages 2 to 10 Years OldThe space is set up with a walking trail along the lake until you come to the park which is about half the way in. The entire walk they’re hearing birds chirping, ducks quacking and watching marine life swim across the water. Once we get to the park area, we let them play for 20 to 30 minutes before heading to the bridge. The bridge is fun because the lake runs under it and they can watch fish, turtles and snakes swim by. The entire trail is less than a mile all the way around but the other side has no playground. After the bridge we usually double back the way that we came and let them play at the park another 15 minutes before heading back to the car.

We spend about two hours here before heading home.  The first time we did this we just knew they were going to go to sleep early, but nope. They were so full of energy when we got home which is why we start baths and then do the next thing on the itinerary.

4:30 – Oculus and Movie Time. After baths we pull out the Oculus which Kari and Layna love. Saturday Itinerary for Kids Ages 2 to 10 Years OldGermaine gathers the kids in the family room so they can pick out a movie to watch while I set ip the Oculus. The Oculus is a Virtual Reality headset that allows you play games, watch videos, movies and more in a life like setting. We let the kids alternate between watching their movie and the Oculus for about 30 minutes. Saturday Itinerary for Kids Ages 2 to 10 Years OldThe Oculus is very stimulating because it’s so realistic so we do monitor and limit their time in it.

6:00 to 9:00 – Family Dinner. Movie Night. Bedtime.

Now it’s your turn. What are some of your go-to Saturday activities to keep kids ages 2 to 10 busy?

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