Rambutan Fruit Platter

I didn’t know y’all were going to like this Rambutan Fruit Platter so much when I shared it in my Instagram stories. If I knew I would just wrote this post from the get-go.

This fruit platter not only looks gorgeous, but it tastes amazing too.Rambutan Fruit Platter

I purposely chose each ingredient to compliment one another. I wanted a variety of color, texture, flavor and benefits.

The cherries are great for inflammation of the joints. Germaine and I drink tart cherry juice as part of our body recovery routine. When I saw the fresh cherries in the produce section I had to grab some. I love drinking fruit, but theres something about eating it that makes it an even more enjoyable experience.

The Rambutan’s are what kicked of this fruit platter. I saw them and instantly remembered my first experience eating Lychee, a similar fruit. The outer shell looks super exotic and the soft inner fruit is sweet. This fruit is like a juicy grape and mango mixed together.

How to eat Rambutan

To eat Rambutan, you have to open it first. I run a small sharp knife along the seam of the shell and then pull off one half of the shell.

To eat it, I pull the meaty fruit from the shell with my teeth and into my mouth. First suck the juice from the fruit. Then bite the outer meat being careful not to bite into the pit in the middle.

The peaches are grown locally here in South Carolina so they are always fresh. Any dish I can include them in right now will have peaces in it. I sliced up two peaches and sprinkles them with seeds.

Lastly, I pulled some fresh mint from my garden to garnish the salad.


Rambutan Fruit Platter

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