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Peach Berry Wine Smoothie

This Peach Berry Wine Smoothie recipe is sponsored by Socialstars in partnership with the #donthesitaste Sweet’N Low® campaign. All opinions are mine.
We have several weeks of warm weather left here in the south so I’m still in the smoothie making mood.
My latest concoction is a light, fruity smoothie perfect for warm nights by the pool.
This low calorie fruit smoothie is a kick my feet up, I’m not going anywhere else tonight kind of beverage. 
It’s light, sweet and low calorie so I don’t feel like you have to do extra at the gym the next day.

The main ingredient for this smoothie has a tangy flavor by itself, but when mingled with fruit and sweetener, it takes on a fun fruity enjoyable flavor. 
I could just as easily use white sugar, but Sweet’N Low® zero calorie sweetener gives me sweetness without the extra calories.
Peach Berry Wine Smoothie (serves 4)



1. Remove the skin, de-core and cut the peach into pieces.

2. Pour 5 packs of Sweet’N Low® zero calorie sweetener over peaches and mix.
3. Blend peaches, berries and wine in the blender on high until fruit is not longer visible.

4. Pour and serve immediately.
The flavor will be sweet and fruity with a touch of tanginess. 
My Peach Berry Wine Smoothie is the perfect end of the day sweet treat without the extra calories.

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