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Organizing My Make-up Counter

I’ve really been enjoying tackling, completing and crossing tasks off my Spring cleaning list and decided to tackle the master bath today.
My goal was to clean it from too to bottom. 
There’s something about a clean, organized bathroom makes it so much more inviting.
Everything was washed, wiped and swept clean.
All of our personal hygiene supplies were organized and replenished including my beauty products.
I can’t stand clutter so I absolutely have to come up with creative ways to corral all of my lip, eye and nail color.
Right now I repurpose everyday household items to keep things organized.
I store my nail polish in a large crystal candle holder.

It’s a pretty option but not as functional as I’d like. If I want to use a color at the bottom I have to dump the entire jar. 

I plan on building a nail polish rack like the ones in the nail salon but for now this will do.
I’m absolutely happy with the way I store my lip color and eye shadow. 

I keep them in Crate and Barrel soup bowls. These bowls are just deep enough to accommodate the height of my lip glosses.
I’m still on a search for a white circular or square cup to hold my brushes but until then I use an old Febreeze scented gel holder. It was just sitting there one day so I stuck my foundation brush in it. 
The rest is history. 

Spring Cleaning List

2. Wipe all windows and window sills. (Done)
3. Wash all curtains. 
4. Degrease stove hood. (Done)
5. Wipe all kitchen cabinets and reorganize dishes.
6. Wash china. (Done)
7. Wipe all cabinet fronts.
8. Deep clean and reorganize the fridge. (Done/post coming soon)
9. Wash all shower curtains and replace shower liners.
11. Dust all picture frames and knock knacks. (Done)
12. Wash all rugs.
13. Wash patio furniture.
14. Sweep deck and patio.
15. Plant flowers in front beds. 
16. Deep clean bathroom top to bottom. (Done/post coming soon)
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