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Mini Smore’ Waffle Sandwiches

Mini Smore' Waffle Sandwiches

A single slice of mini cinnamon waffles is the perfect little canvas for a twist on smore’s. This soft, crunchy, cinnamony waffle topped with graham cracker crumbs, chocolate and marshmallow will have your kids drooling.

Mini Smore’ Waffle Sandwiches

Mini Smore' Waffle Sandwiches


Mini Cinnamon Toast waffles
Milk Chocolate Chips
Mini Marshmallows
1 Cup of Graham Cracker Crumbs


1. Heat a small pan on medium heat. Place waffle in the pan and top with 15-20 marshmallows and milk chocolate chips. Sprinkle on a teaspoon full of graham cracker crumbs. Top with another waffle and heat until brown on both sides flipping halfway through the cooking process.

Allow the waffle to cool a few seconds before cutting into mini waffles

Mini Smore' Waffle Sandwiches
Mini Smore' Waffle Sandwiches

The bite-sized smore’ waffle sandwiches are so yum! I made some for the kids after school, then we made a few more for dessert. This sweet and gooey dessert is so quick and easy to make and gives you a different way of using frozen waffles.

Mini Smore' Waffle Sandwiches
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Mini Smore' Waffle Sandwiches


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32 thoughts on “Mini Smore’ Waffle Sandwiches

  1. Absolutely love this…would be great for camping or just a Sunday afternoon treat!

  2. Welp there goes my diet hahhaa those are so perfect . You know what this would make a perfect eggo waffle too hmmm i thi k you are onto something .

  3. I love your creativity! These look so delicious. S'mores are one of my favorite sweet treats and this is a lot cleaner than trying to attempt the graham cracker sandwich!

  4. that would be a great tv time snack. They look so adorable on top of it. Such a fun creative idea! 😀

  5. These look really good. We have a snow day today. Might be the time to try them.

  6. Ok, first things first! Food looks delish but your nail polish is to die for! What brand is it?

  7. It looks amazing to me. My daughter isn't a big fan of Marshmallows though. Which is too bad. :/

  8. Love this! Waffles are one of my favorite breakfast foods, so I'm totally pinning this to hopefully get to one day! I never would have been creative enough to think of this myself.

  9. Those are cute and very pinteresting. Though, I will have to stay away because of my diet 🙁

  10. Oh my, this looks really good. I've only ever had the plain waffles but, this I've got to try. Thanks for the recipe.

  11. Oh man that looks good!! I can't recall the last time I had mini Eggo! I thinks years and years, when I lived in Florida. I miss them. I haven't seen any at my local grocery store.

  12. Yummy indeed! I will have to make this too. I will be babysitting my grandchildren this weekend and this would be a delicious treat for them after their playtime.

  13. These would be great for an after school snack bar! My son always has friends coming home with him and this is something the tweens could easily make on their own!

  14. These look delicious and I bet kids especially love them. I love the little mini waffle size, too.

    1. I love the size too. I can eat one or two and not throw my whole workout week away with all of this sweetness.

  15. What a lovely easy recipe perfect for a dessert on a summer day or for spring break coming up. Thanks for yoru participation on this shop. ~ client

  16. This looks so yummy. I never would have thought to use waffles when making Smore's, this is a fantastic idea.

    1. I thought it would be a good way to switch things up and instead of a crunchy cookie a soft crunchy sweet waffle.

  17. Well obviously I have to try these ASAP! How fun and cute! Perfect for Spring and sumemr!

    1. So true! They'd be perfect to melt the marshmallows over a campfire and use the Eggo waffles.

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