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Mini Greenhouse Gardening

I am loving this little green house so much and from all of the messages I’ve gotten about it, I get the feeling some of you are too. Let me go ahead and link to my Amazon Buys List where you can quickly find and order your own. On that list you’ll also find links to my most asked about product mentions. They are all items I purchased for myself or my home unsponsored by any brand.

I’ve had the mini green house up for about three weeks now and it’s proven to be an amazing investment. I’m gardening more than ever for several reasons.

  1. My seedlings thrive in the green house way better than they did when I sowed the seeds directly in the ground in prior growing seasons.
  2. The mini green house is on my upper deck just outside of my dining room making it so convenient to take care of my plants.
  3. The placement of the green house also makes gardening less scary because I don’t fear a snake or spider hiding somewhere.
  4. All of my plants are organized in their own pot until they are storage enough to be planted in the soil.
  5. The youngest plants are protected from bugs, rodents and cats that want to eat them or trample them.

The green house has a PVC door with zippers on both sides that roll up and are held in place with velcro. The thickness of the PVC really holds the heat and moisture in well. Heat and moisture is what helps my seeds germinate faster so this environment actually speeds up my growing season.Mini Green House Gardening Mini Green House GardeningI’m trying to grow as many things as I can this year and have been planting new seeds every week using a combination of containers. Here’s a look at what’s growing in my garden so far.

This is a tomato plant I did not start from seed which is why it’s one of the two biggest plants I have right now.

Mini Green House Gardening

This one is a Serrano Pepper plant also not started from seed.Mini Green House Gardening

The next series of plants are all of what I started from seeds in the past three weeks. I keep all of the seeds sown in biodegradable containers like paper cups, in a plastic tote. The tote makes is easier to water these with the sprayer at one time without wetting the floor of the green house which is my deck.Mini Green House Gardening

In here is spinach, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes and sugar snap peas.Mini Green House Gardening

I had a lot of terra cotta and plastic pots laying around I also used to start seeds in. As the plants mature I will thin and divide the plants in each pot. Mini Green House Gardening

Technically one to two seeds should be sown in these smaller pots, but I always sow four to six and then divide them into their own pots later.Mini Green House Gardening

I think I’m going to continue sharing garden updates here so make sure you’re following me. Video just makes more sense when it comes to updating you all, plus I can save them for everyone to rewatch.Mini Green House Gardening

If you have an questions about anything I’m doing in my garden just leave them in the comments for me to see. Mini Green House Gardening Mini Green House Gardening

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