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Make Laundry Easy with a Front Load Washer

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I was considering hiring someone to come in an help with homemaking tasks, but instead invested in high-end appliances. Higher end appliances often give you more for your buck because they do more and lessen your workload.

I tried endlessly early in my marriage to get my husband to hire a helper. Especially once I started working from home. Having four kids and running a business can sometimes force chores to take a backseat.

Laundry was one of those areas that begin to suffer a bit. I’d ask my husband to consider letting someone come in and at the very least wash clothes a few times a week. At that time I was washing, folding, drying and trying to put away 3-4 loads of clothes a day. As you can guess, I was not successful. While my husband was totally against hiring a living, breathing helper he wasn’t against investing in great appliances to make my job as a homemaker easier.
I was the cheap one on the couple and never wanted to buy high end appliances, but after hearing my husband’s perspective I realized buying cheap can make them work harder and end up costing more in the long run.

One of the first high-end products we switched to was a front load laundry system similar to the new LG Front Load laundry system. With the front loader I saw the benefits the first day.

Cleaning and Convenience are at the top of the list of benefits when it comes to front load. 

Here are some of the obvious benefits.

  • With the front load cleaning is better than top load.
  • Front loaders will typically use less water and also consume less electricity which save me money on your utility bill.
  • Front load washers also spin faster to help keep clothes drier to reduce overall drying time.
  • The front load laundering process is gentler on clothes so they last longer.

Here are some of the less obvious benefits.

  • Front loader make it easier for your kids to help load and unload the laundry.
  • Both the LG SideKick or pedestal allow the front loader sit higher making it easier for taller people to load and unload. 

Before getting our front loader, my husband didn’t do the laundry as much. He’s over six feet tall and it bothered his back to bend and do laundry. Since switching to a front loader, he does the laundry more than I do.

If you’re in the market for a front load washing system you’ll love the LG Front Load Washer and SideKick. By adding the SideKick you’ll be able to wash two loads at once plus save $150 on your purchase at Best Buy.

Best Buy is “the place” to shop for high end appliances. The Best Buy Blue Shirts are experts in the benefits surrounding LG Front Load laundry and are always super helpful.


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22 thoughts on “Make Laundry Easy with a Front Load Washer

  1. I would rather get this washer than hire a help for just washing my clothes. I like bigger washer that could also wash my huge bedsheets and towels. Love this!

  2. I would rather get this washer than hire a help for just washing my clothes. I like bigger washer that could also wash my huge bedsheets and towels. Love this!

  3. Juggling with work and home chores is really tough, I also consider buying this one so I can always multi-taks. We change clothes everyday so it is so hard when your laundry files up.

  4. I've never used a front load. I'd love it though, I already know. I like that extra space on the bottom too.

  5. I agree, I love my front load washer. Seems to get the clothes cleaner. Even the dryer also is so much better front load.

  6. We've been in the market for a new washer and dryer, and this would be my dream set. And I'd also have to have a personal launderer, too, to make the dream complete.

  7. My dream laundry room! Oh that washer looks crazy and that is a compliment. total dream set. like the idea of getting to wash two loads at one time. How awesome.

  8. Ok that washer looks crazy. I am not sure whether it's a good thing. And I would be worried about overloading the bottom part. But if it saves time then I am all for it.

  9. I have not ever owned a front load washer, my mom had one though in my later teen years. I love these, they look pretty awesome! We could use a little upgrade here 😉

  10. Omg now that is one epic washer and dryer!!! I almos wish we would have waited another year when we bought ours because I'm loving the new style of these compared to my set

  11. This is my dream set. I've had the same pair of non-front loaders for almost 7 years and with a family of six I deserve better lol!

  12. I love our front load washer! It makes it SO MUCH easier! Becuase laundry is just not my fav!

  13. oh wow! I have never seen anything like that in my life! I didnt know I needed one but I do!

  14. Yes, I too have a front loader & can really vouch on the great support it poses to me. Especially I can ask my kid to load the clothes sometimes!

  15. I might have to get these when my current washer and dryer dies. I've had them for like 7 years now so the time is coming I'm sure.

  16. I like the idea of getting to wash two loads at one time! Would make my life a heck of a lot easier 🙂

  17. That looks so great and makes it sound so easier. I'm looking into getting one for my condo and need it to have everything I want. Great post and thanks for recommending this.

  18. Looks great! Now can I just get someone to actually wash, fold, and put away my laundry. I am still waiting for machines that do that lol!

  19. The SideKick looks like such a cool add-on! We bought a front-loader almost 6 years ago and I've loved it.

  20. I've never seen one like this but it definitely looks intriguing! I'm going to have to do a little more research on this thanks for the great article!

  21. I keep seeing these and kind of want one. But, I'll keep the 9 year old washer that I have, as long as it keeps kicking!

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