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How to stop overnight diaper leaks for good

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sposie Booster Pads, the number one brand in diaper doublers. All opinions are entirely my own.  

Germaine and I spend as much time with our grandchildren Layna and Kari as we can. Now that Kari is in kindergarten, we can only have them over on the weekends. It’s so different being a grandma of babies than it was being a mom. Now, I’m much more laid back and confident about my parenting methods having nurtured exceptionally well four babies of my own. From experience I can say with confidence that I know what I’m doing.

How to stop overnight diaper leaks for good

One thing I’ve mastered is bedtime routines. When my daughter — Layna and Kari’s mother was a child, of course she didn’t like bedtime routines but now that she’s a mom she understands the benefit. As a child she felt like bedtime rules were a punishment, by now realizes its a way for parents to redeem some of the days time for themselves. Parenting is tiresome, sacrificial work and with or without a plan it takes a lot of energy.How to stop overnight diaper leaks for good


How to stop overnight diaper leaks for goodShe called me up about a year ago saying she was having a hard time getting my grandson Kari on a routine and again this year she was struggling a bit with my granddaughter Layna. I reassured her that routines are great tools for both children and parents and gave her some tips on how to get Layna into a bedtime routine. One thing in particular she was struggling with is that fact that Layna doesn’t go to bed at a reasonable time and still wakes up for something to drink at night. I reassured her that she is doing a great job and shared these tips with her.How to stop overnight diaper leaks for good

Set the bedtime mood.

When Layna and Kari are here they go to sleep when we go to sleep which is usually around 9pm. We set the mood by turning off all the big lights in the room about and hour before bed and then turning off the nightstand lights about thirty minutes before bed. About 10 minutes before bed we turn off the television and the room is completely dark. By that time Layna, who co-sleeps with us when she’s here has either dozed off or is starting to doze off.How to stop overnight diaper leaks for good

Another thing we do every night is bath time or shower time. We have a routine of bathing the kids and massaging them with sweet-scented lotions. We literally give them a quick massage and they love it. My goal is to relax them in preparation for bedtime and get them into pajamas for bed.How to stop overnight diaper leaks for good

With Layna, we line her diaper with Sposie Diaper Booster Pads since she still likes to wake up at night for water. I’ve had too many issues with her leaky diaper wetting my bed overnight. I’d change her diaper before bed, and by the morning it was either super heavy or had leaked onto my bed.How to stop overnight diaper leaks for good

How to stop overnight diaper leaks for good

How to stop overnight diaper leaks for good

I started inserting a Sposie Diaper Booster Pad into Layna’s diaper to turn it into an overnight diaper. I just place the insert in the middle of her diaper and it increases the amount of liquid her diaper is able to hold. In fact, Sposie Diaper Booster Pads “double” the capacity of her diaper making it able to absorb up to 8 fl. oz.How to stop overnight diaper leaks for good

Layna has a few more months of sleeping in my bed before her baby sister is born and during that time I don’t have to worry about her wetting my bed. You can use the following links to see where I find Sposie Diaper Booster Pads at Walmart, Target and online at Amazon.

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