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How to Offset Medical Expenses When You’re An Entrepreneur

This post is sponsored by Optum Perks, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

My husband and I have been entrepreneurs for over a decade and in that time we’ve had to figure out how to provide quality doctor’s care, dental and prescription drug coverage for our family.
Our strategy has been a combination of using discount saving programs for prescriptions, paying out of pocket, and using the Health Insurance Marketplace.
As entrepreneurs we literally have to take ownership of our family’s wellness plan. We have to do the research to make sure we understand what we’re getting. We have to vet the companies for legitimacy and find the best solutions for our budget.
To make sure we are doing that my husband and I sit down once a year to review our strategy. We look to see that we are saving as much as possible and getting the best return for our money.
When thinking about family wellness, we break our health budget into the following three categories. We determine what our needs are in each category then we research to find resources that are able to meet our needs.

Pay Out Of Pocket

We pay for our dental procedures out-of-pocket. Each month we budget $100 which we put into a savings account named “Dental Fund”. We estimate our basic annual cost to be around $1,744 for cleanings, x-rays and fillings for our family of 4. The cost of basic dental plans for our family cost around $140 per month, but the companies I’ve found are usually brokers with horrible customer service.

Paying for my family’s care out of pocket gives me peace of mind. It saves me from the headache of having to fight to get answers about the fee schedule or charges from uncooperative customer service representatives.

Use the Health Insurance Marketplace

Our health expenses are covered through the Health Insurance Marketplace for the time being. Before that we are paying out of pocket. We are rarely sick with anything more than a common cold and are in great health. We were paying out of pocket for annual checkups, doctors care visits and any other minor medical issues until the Health Insurance Marketplace was an option. The availability of affordable health insurance for self employed individuals not only reduced our cost, but also reduced the stress of being under insured.

Use Prescription Drug Coupons #OptumPerks

For prescriptions we use a combination of health insurance benefits and the Optum Perks app depending on the prescription. Optum Perks is an app that’s free to use, requires no membership and helps you save up to 80% on prescriptions. The cost on my inhaler using an Optum Perks coupon is $5.22 — down from $30!!

The app interface is created to easily Search, Find, & Save!

How to To Get Your Savings!

Step 1 – First, tap to download the FREE Optum Perks Mobile App for iOS or Android.

Step 2 – Next, open the app then enter the name of your medication in the search box.

Step 3 – Tap the “See Prices” button. You can view the results as a list or on the map.

Step 4 – Save the prescription coupon via the app, take it with you into the pharmacy and show the pharmacist when you pick up your prescription to get the discount.

There are 64,000+ pharmacies nationwide that accept Optum Perks coupons including but not limited to; Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and Kroger.

How we would provide quality well care for our family as entrepreneurs was one of our biggest hurdles in our journey. With time, more resources have become available making it possible for dual entrepreneurs to have affordable options for medical, dental and prescriptions.
This strategy has worked for our family for over 10 years even when we had small children. Now that we are almost empty nesters these strategies still work and hopefully you can take something away from this post to help you save money on medical expenses.

Having more control of our well care options makes it possible to pay for exactly what we need and nothing more. Those savings are then able to be allocated to other areas of our budget like travel, business equipment and investments.

Do you want to know how much you can save on your prescriptions? Click here to download the Optum Perks app, use it on your next prescription and if it saves you money leave a review on the app store!

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