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How to Moisturize and Prevent Dry Brittle Locs

It’s been a little over three month since I installed my micro locs and I want to give you an update on my journey. Today I will show you how to moisturize and prevent dry brittle locs.

If you’re new here, my journey with locs started out with two strand twist that I later interlocked. I have been re tightening my locs every four weeks since October and am really enjoying the freedom of having them.

Now when I get up to go to the gym, I’m not struggling to style my hair. I just spritz it with water. Shake and go.

It’s really that low maintenance.

How I Easily Saved Money Installing My Micro Locs

Since my last video I have been experimenting with different moisture routines and pretty much love them all. What I’ve learned about my hair is the more water and oil the better. 

I know some people like to avoid water like the plague and never add conditioner. I’ve decided to do the total opposite because my 4C hair thrives on water being sealed into the follicles.

In today’s video I will show you what my moisture process looks like from start to finish. If you enjoy my video be sure to watch to the end and subscribe. This to things are the greatest way to support my channel and brand.

Before we hop into the video, I will leave a list of the products I use on my hair below.  

How I Easily Saved Money Installing My Micro Locs




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