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How to Make Maple Bacon Glazed Donuts at Home

Let me tell you right now that if you are a bacon lover you are going to want to PIN THIS onto one of your foodie boards. I love a perfectly cooked slice of bacon. I can eat it with a meal or all by itself. Don’t do me like Germaine does and call me crazy. I like bacon and the first time I tasted savory bacon bacon on a sweet maple glazed donut I was hooked. It’s as if the bacon knew the assignment when it was paired with the sweet, hot maple glazed donut.How to Make Maple Bacon Glazed Donuts at Home

I ordered one at a gourmet donut shop last year and was in love, however one time I ordered it and had a piece of fatty bacon fat. That was not it y’all so I decided to make my own at home. Today I’m sharing a quick and easy recipe for those of you weirdos who like sweet and savory dessert pairings.

To make this recipe super easy just go ahead and get you some refrigerated biscuits and cooked bacon cut into small pieces. You don’t have to get super fancy here and make donuts from scratch unless you absolutely want to. I’m not here for all that. I always use refrigerated biscuits in my donut recipes. It’s quick, easy and way less clean up.

After popping open the biscuit container I still don get super fancy. I lay out my donuts and core them using a soda bottle top. If you want you can use and apple corer or tiny cookie cutter. I like a minimalist kitchen so I don’t invest in gadgets that I am not going to use on a week to week basis.

Once all of the donut wholes are out, I heat a large frying pan with vegetable oil to about 350°. Then I dip each biscuit and the holes in the oil. I cook them for 3 to 5 minutes per side until the reach the perfect golden brown.

Next, remove the biscuits from the frying pan and let them drain on a wire rack with paper towels underneath like this . I do this because I don’t like my donuts sitting directly on the oily paper towel. I want to get as much oil off of the outside of the donuts as possible for the best donut glaze coverage.

While the donut drain and cool I start making the maple glaze. I like to make it in a sauce pan by heating butter, maple syrup, half & half, salt and powdered sugar together. Once it forms smooth glaze it’s time to start dipping the donuts.

I only dip the tp half of my donuts in glaze, but you could just as easily double the glaze recipe below and dip both sides. Once all of the donuts are dipped, I place bacon into the glaze all over the donuts. As the glaze hardens into a maple-y sweet shell, the bacon will stay in place and this is what you’ll end up with.

How to Make Maple Bacon Glazed Donuts at Home

These donuts are best eaten warm and can be refrigerated for about 4 days before they get tough. Keep them in an air tight container while in the refrigerator. To enjoy them from the refrigerator, pop them in the microwave for 15 to 20 seconds. Enjoy them with a glass of milk and don’t forget to PIN THIS post on Pinterest.

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How to Make Maple Bacon Glazed Donuts at Home
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