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How to Make an Ugly Kitchen Beautiful for Less Than $2,000

Do you have a dated kitchen that just irks your nerves, but you don’t want to put a whole lot of money Ito making it something you can love? If so, this series of posts is for you!

Germaine and I will share everything we’re doing and what we’ve done so far to get our kitchen more in line with today’s. modern look. Not only will we take you through our process, we will also share costs. Seeing what people do in their home is amazing, but for me, I want to see what you paid so I can determine if it’s a realistic aspiration for my budget.

So let get into the fact that the next phase of our kitchen update is happening!

Yep…we’re in the final stretch of updating our kitchen after twenty years in our home.

How to Make an Ugly Kitchen Beautiful for Less Than $2,000

Last year, just before the quarantine, we started by painting the kitchen cabinets white and adding cabinet handles. That update alone made it possible for me to tolerate our dated kitchen for a few more years.

How to Make an Ugly Kitchen Beautiful for Less Than $2,000

Cabinets: $175

It took about two weeks and $100 to complete that part of the makeover. We purchased a $75 can of paint and primer for the cabinets then got to work. This was the most tedious part of the update so far, but we’ll worth it. If I had to do It again, I would spray the cabinets with my paint sprayer rather than hand painting them. After the cabinets were dry and reattached, we added these cabinet pulls to the drawers and doors.

Lighting: $80.97

We also swapped out the builder grade light over the sink and the main kitchen light. We went with this light in the center of the kitchen, and something similar to this over the kitchen sink. Both modern farmhouse, great lighting and affordable. We paid $80.97 for both lights and the made the kitchen look so much better.  

Counters $1,585

Now we’re moving in to the counters, sink and backsplash.

We’re replacing the laminate counters with solid surface countertops. We’re also replacing our top mount sink with an under mount sink. We may also replace our faucet, but I have not made up my mind on that just yet. Our budget for the counter tops was $1000 until we went and got a quote. After the quote we realized we’d need to budget at least $1500. The goal was to replace our laminate countertops with a lighter patter laminate countertop, but when we got to the store and talked to the associate we changed our minds.

We decided to get solid surface countertops which are according to Wikipedia, “a non-porous low-maintenance material used for surfaces. It can mimic the appearance of granite, marble, stone, and other naturally occurring materials, and can be joined nearly invisibly by a trained craftsman. … A major appeal of solid surface is its impermeability”.

The quote for the laminate was about $1300 and for the solid surface $1585. Germaine and I decided it was worth the extra money to get the solid surface because of the durability and overall look of the product. I have a video at the end of this post that shows you what the solid surface looks like.

Subway Tile Backsplash: $122.87 

Lastly, we are installing a subway tile backsplash. We have never installed ceramic tile, but you know us! I will talk Germaine into a DIY in a minute. It’s taken some convincing, but he feels confident he can do it with my help so we’re finally installing a tile backsplash.

We the white subway tile I shared in the video below. Each tile was $0.15 a piece making the project very affordable. Each box comes with 80 pieces for a total cost of $12 a box. For our kitchen we estimated needing four boxes to tile from the countertop to just under the cabinet for our space. 

To install the tile we also purchased the following supplies. I listed them along with the prices we paid, but I also linked to them online so you can see each product.

Project Supplies 

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