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How To Make An Easy One Pot Sausage And Penne Skillet

Subscribe to ApronsAndStilletos.comPenne is one of my favorite pasta to cook with. I love how the pasta sauce lands in the groves on the outside of the noodles and how it fills up the tube inside of the noodle.

For me the sauce in a pasta dish is just as important a part of the dish as the meat and noddles. If you like a pasta dish full of flavors popping from every where go ahead and make this recipe.

How To Make An Easy One Pot Sausage And Penne Skillet

I cooked this entire dish in my Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Aluminum Non-Stick Cookware.

This cookware is my go to for all of my meals. The hard Anodized Construction Quantanium Nonstick Interior keeps my food fro sticking and an even cooking temperature.

For this meal I used my Cuisinart 3 Qt. saucepan to boil the penne noodles and sauté the meat.

My cooking and cleanup time has greatly reduced with this cookware and it just makes cooking more enjoyable. If you want to grab the 17 piece set I have it was on sale the last I checked. Just click on the $38.96 off coupon before checking out.

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Aluminum Non-Stick Pans


Homemaking Tip: Pasta sauce is one of those ingredients that can stain your storage containers. I don’t have that problem with these storage containers. I love the crystal clear containers, the non-staining feature and the fact that they are microwave and dishwasher safe.


How To Make An Easy One Pot Sausage And Penne Skillet

I like my pasta and sauce separate, however I’ve made it with the pasta, meat and sauce mixed together as well. I like dipping my pasta and meat into the pile of sauce sometimes versus the entire dish being covered in pasta sauce.

When it comes to how it’s served it’s really up to you. 

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