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Holiday Kitchen Prep Tips for Hosting Made Easy

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I stopped getting overwhelmed with hosting and started enjoying it after creating a strategy that transformed my kitchen into my “helper”. I figured out that having the right appliances and kitchen tools is like having a maid if you use them efficiently.
Holiday Kitchen Prep Tips for Hosting Made Easy

Today I’m sharing my best homemaking strategies for easy hosting. These strategies have helped me fall in love with hosting rather than fearing it. I’m not one to enjoy being stressed out or running around doing all-the-things while guests are here. I want to feel relaxed, comfortable, and enjoy my company. The same goes for my guests. When they are here I want them to relax and enjoy themselves as well. Making that a reality begins in my kitchen.

Holiday Kitchen Prep Tips for Hosting Made Easy

When you read, “hosting made easy” in the title don’t get the impression there is no work involved. Having guests over, preparing food and getting the house ready will take some work. What these tips will help you do is delegate and organize in a way that works.
Holiday Kitchen Prep Tips for Hosting Made Easy

Take Inventory of Your Cooking Equipment & Kitchen Tools

I keep most of my larger holiday cooking equipment and kitchen tools stored away in the pantry or on shelves in my storage room. Once my menu is made I take an inventory of what cooking equipment I need to pull out of storage or buy. I’m usually pulling out pie and casserole dishes of various sizes as well as my roasting pan. Other tools might include pastry brushes, gravy dishes, and cake stands. If we’re frying a turkey, I also bring my Turkey Fryer out of storage as well and get it set up. Some years we grill our turkey which means I also need to pull out the grilling equipment and tools.

The cooking equipment and kitchen tools I use are guided by what’s on the menu. If there is something I need or don’t have, I make a quick note to pick it up while running errands.

Organize Food Station

A day or two before guests arrive, I lay the empty dishes and serving-ware on my food station to see how things look. Placement of the food, beverages and desserts is important, but can get tricky if the flow of traffic is not laid out well.

Organize Storage Containers

The last thing I do is take inventory of my storage containers. I go through what I have and make sure everything has matching lids.

Delegate Work to Your Kitchen Appliances

The three major kitchen appliances that help me host better and alleviate stress are the refrigerator, range, and LG Dishwasher with QuadWash and TrueSteam.
Holiday Kitchen Prep Tips for Hosting Made Easy

I look at my kitchen appliances as my helpers and they each work most effectively when I know exactly what I want them to do.

Make Room in the Refrigerator

I want my refrigerator to keep the food that I’ve prepared ahead cold and fresh. I also want it to efficiently store my leftovers. For holiday events I begin making room in the refrigerator by eating up the leftovers and planning meals that don’t create new leftovers. My goal the week of our holiday gathering is to make room in the fridge.

Prepare the Range to Multitask

During the holidays my range works hard cooking and warming food for several hours before guests arrive. When it comes to the range and hood, I make sure they are both completely clean before I began and that all bulbs and cooking zones are working.

Customize the Dishwasher to Clean Dishes Like I Do

I have the LG Dishwasher with QuadWash and TrueSteam, which is specifically designed to clean and dry dishes as if I’d done them myself. This dishwasher has lots of bells and whistles including wi-fi enabled ThinQ® Technology to make hosting easy Holiday Kitchen Prep Tips for Hosting Made Easy

The ThinQ® app gives me a notification when the dishes are clean, and lets me check-in to see time remaining. Whether washing a small load from a brunch, or heavily soiled pots and pans from a holiday get together, my LG Dishwasher with QuadWash and TrueSteam has me covered.
Holiday Kitchen Prep Tips for Hosting Made Easy

When it comes to heavily soiled dishes TrueSteam® saves time and headache when hosting. For those dishes that have stuck on food after a day of guests, I know even those dishes will come clean.  Holiday Kitchen Prep Tips for Hosting Made Easy

TrueSteam® hits the dishes with a blast of steam at the start of the cycle to loosen up caked on food. Then once the cycle begins the QuadWash™ technology make sure every surface of my dishes are sprayed. 
Holiday Kitchen Prep Tips for Hosting Made EasyThe combination of four spray arms with multi-motion action rotating back and forth while spinning both ways get my dishes as clean as if I washed them myself. TrueSteam activates a second time during drying, to get a spotless clean!
Holiday Kitchen Prep Tips for Hosting Made EasyWith this dishwasher’s height adjustable EasyRack™ Plus, I have the flexibility to fit more dishes and run fewer loads. The racks at the top can be adjusted to make more space whenever I need it. 
Holiday Kitchen Prep Tips for Hosting Made Easy

I can choose from three height settings to accommodate tall stemware on top or oversized pans below. As a result, I can even put my large turkey roasting pan in the dishwasher which cuts down on cleanup!

Holiday Kitchen Prep Tips for Hosting Made Easy

Deep Clean the KitchenHoliday Kitchen Prep Tips for Hosting Made Easy

This is probably one of my favorite parts of preparing for guest, because I get to reap the benefits before they arrive and after they leave. I love a bright clean kitchen with semi clear counter tops.

About a week before my event, I wipe the inside and outside of the refrigerator with a disinfectant and replace shelf liners. I also put my silverware organizers and all of my silverware in the dishwasher. The top cutlery rack and silverware basket, within my LG Dishwasher, provides more than enough space to wash all of my silverware at one time.

Holiday Kitchen Prep Tips for Hosting Made Easy

While the drawers are empty, I vacuüm out any crumbs, then wipe them with a disinfectant. Once the cutlery is clean they have a clean drawer to go in.

Holiday hosting is something I look forward to with joy and anticipation thanks to these homemaking strategies and my kitchen helpers. I have not shared every tip with you, but I hope these steps will make your holiday hosting easier.

To get the best wash with the most dishes in one load this holiday season, treat yourself to the LG Dishwasher with QuadWash and TrueSteam. Click here to learn more about the LG Dishwashers.
Holiday Kitchen Prep Tips for Hosting Made Easy


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