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Here’s Your FREE Really Awesome Survey Tracker

If you’re having trouble keeping track of the surveys you’re taking and other important information like, when you’re supposed to be credited, you’ll want to grab my Really Awesome Survey Tracker

It’s super easy to use and is pre-filled with the important information you need to know about tracking the surveys you’ve taken and qualified for.

When your site down for thirty minutes to and hour to take surveys, keep it beside your computer and record the surveys you’ve taken.

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Here’s how to use it most effectively.

1. Print a FREE Really Awesome Survey Tracker for every survey company you’re a member of. 

When I was taking surveys I was a member of around twenty different companies, but only five to ten of them I used daily. I used all twenty, but focused most of my time on my top survey company recommendations. My recommendations are based on my ability to qualify for their surveys and their reward program.

2. Fill in the “Monthly Earning Goal” information on your survey tracker first. 

You’re filling in this space with how much you want to make from this one particular survey company not all of them combined.

When I took surveys I’d share my earnings on my blog each month, which helped me see two things.

  •  How much I was making. 
  •  From which company.

Knowing which company is helping you make the most money will help you narrow down, which companies to give the bulk of your time to.

3. The next thing you’ll fill in is the name of the survey company. 

If this were me, I’d have six sheets filled in with the following survey company names.

  • SpringBoard – Paid Grocery Shoppers & Food Panels (conducted online)
  • My Survey – Pays for every survey even if you don’t qualify. $25 cash out threshold.
  • Survey Spot – Cash out at $10 via Pay Pal or check.
  • Global Test Market – Minimum cash out is $50 or 1,000 points paid by check. Test Electronics.
  • Quick Rewards – Earn money for checking emails, watching videos and more.
  • Toluna – Test FREE full sized products and take surveys.

These survey companies do stop accepting members at times. If you visit any of the links and it’s not working, the panel is closed, but usually reopens the start of a new month.

4. Sort your inbox to only display the survey company written on your sheet.
You do this in Gmal by using the search bar above your mail. Now that only the surveys for one company are showing up, you can go down the line taking surveys for just that company.
5. Track your time spent taking each qualifying survey.
Use the “time spent” column to track this information.
Each time you look at a survey and its reward, decide if it will be worth your time. Skip over long surveys with lower payouts. Also skip surveys you probably won’t qualify for. 
It will take some practice, but the data on your sheets will help you get better at knowing which types of surveys you qualify for most often. Spend your time on those.
6. Keep track of your date, points and rewards.
In the remaining columns, you will track four additional important pieces of information.
  1. Survey number – this number is ubber important, especially for the rare times when a company forgets to credit you for a survey you qualified for. You’ll need this to also compare which surveys you’ve been rewarded for.
  2. Date Taken – survey rewards usually take 48-hours to show up in your dashboard. This date will help you see when of your rewards are lagging.
  3. Points Earned – This is all about your coin. Your mollah — that cheddar!! You need to know how many points you earned because your points equal gift cards, prizes and cold hard cash.
  4. Paid (yes/no) – This is where I want you to keep track of when your rewards are actually credited to your account.
This is everything you need to track your survey earnings “like a boss”. There’s no magic to making money with surveys. Set aside thirty minutes to an hour a few says a week and do it. 
Final Tip: Most survey companies have a referral program where you earn points or money every time a friend signs up. 
Utilize that link to tell your friends about surveys. An easy way to do that is by sharing it on your social media accounts and genuinely telling people how surveys are helping you. 
What did I miss? Leave your questions in the comments. 

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4 thoughts on “Here’s Your FREE Really Awesome Survey Tracker

  1. I don't typically take surveys but I have in the past. This is very helpful to know because I know someone who does them regularly. I wonder if she knows she can track them!

  2. Very insightful. This is extremely useful for beginners who need a little organization.

  3. great, I'm always taking surveys, and there is no way to track them.Tea

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