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Here’s Why You’re Not Seeing Results from Exercising

When you think about getting fit what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Exercise right?
Well, there’s another equally important component when it comes to getting into the best shape of your life.
I’m not talking about getting in shape to look like a Victoria’s Secret model or a professional body builder. I’m talking about being a regular mom, but looking amazingly toned and strong.
I worked out on and off for several years after having my four children. I went to just about every  type of class offered at my gym. I was feeling better inside, but I wasn’t seeing my body transform like I expected someone who works out twice a day should look.
I had no abs and no muscle definition. This was discouraging and the reason why I’d quit going to the gym every few months.
It wasn’t until I made a decision to change my diet that I saw a drastic change in my muscles.
The biggest change was when I decided to become a vegetarian. I’ll talk more later about the why, but for now just know that eating fruits, vegetables and beans, eggs and dairy was what my body needed.
I do still eat meat from time to time when I don’t plan my meals, because it’s convenient and it’s hard to find to-go vegetarian meals when I buy something quick to eat. 

I also eat meat from time to time when I feel like I’m not planning enough protein into my meals. Meat in and of it’s self won’t keep you from getting into the best shape ever if prepared properly.

So let’s talk about what I eat.
Oatmeal: I eat it baked or cooked on the stove. I don’t eat it plain. I add frozen, fresh, or dried fruit. I add seeds, and sometimes powdered protein. I do add about a teaspoon of refined sugar sometimes.
Eggs, grits and turkey bacon: The less butter the better when it comes to this breakfast. I’m still a butter addict, but I use real butter, not spreads. I also cook my bacon in the oven. When I know my week will be busy, I’ll make a breakfast casserole.

Smoothie: I have a smoothie just about every day after breakfast and before I exercise. I don’t use yogurt and don’t suggest it unless it’s all natural and no sugar added (like plain yogurt). I use only 100% juice and fruit. Since I don’t eat much meat, I also add powdered protein.
Lunch: For lunch I eat high protein meals. If I’m eating meat. It’ll be some form of chicken, baked, grilled, or browned in a pan with olive oil. I usually have two or more raw or cooked vegetables with it.

Dinner: This is my lightest meal of the day and often includes no meat. In place of meat, I use beans and legumes for protein. They are easier to digest and don’t leave me feeling over full before bed. My new favorite recipe is this garbanzo bean and spinach stir fry.

While exercising is important to fitness, so is your diet. What you eat will either aide or undermine your efforts in the gym.

Once I began to eat better, I almost immediately began seeing the results I was looking for. My stomach was flatter and my muscles toned up so much faster.

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