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Granola Banana Pops

This super simple #LoveMyCereal #QuakerUp recipe has been sponsored. All opinions are mine alone.
Granola Banana Pops

We had a super busy weekend planned and knew I’d be on the go quite a bit. My husband and I planned to take the kids to the basketball game, for lunch, the movies and then pick up dinner. This meant we’d have a quick intermission at home in between stops so I made some easy to grab Granola Banana Pops using Quaker® Simply Granola.

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I made them on Friday and they didn’t last until the weekend because they were so good. In fact, I went into the freezer Friday night to grab one after the kids had finished their chores, and they were all gone.

Granola Banana Pops

Yep..they were they good!!

Not only were they good, but they were easy to make. For the recipe I bought all of my ingredients at Walmart.

I used the Quaker® Simply Granola Oats and Honey, but for you could easily substitute with Quaker®, Quaker® Real Medleys®, Quaker® Oatmeal Squares, or Quaker® Life.
Granola Banana Pops
I used Quaker® Simply Granola because the sweet honey flavor would pair well with the bananas the almond slivers would give it pops an extra level of crunch.
Granola Banana Pops
1 cup of Quaker® Simply Granola Oats and Honey
3 Bananas
1/2 White Chocolate Chips
Popsicle sticks
Granola Banana Pops
1. Peel and cut each banana into thirds.

2. Pour 1 cup of cereal into a freezer bag and pound with a mallet or pulse a few times in the food processor.

3. Melt white chocolate chips in the microwave or a double broiler until smooth and creamy.

4. Begin sliding your banana onto a popsicle stick.

5. Now, dip the banana halfway into the melted chocolate and then into the granola. Be sure to twist and dip to get full coverage.

6. Place them on a plate in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.
Granola Banana Pops
I would have made way more if I knew they’d be eaten so fast.

Another way to use the Quaker® Simply Granola is to make a simple trail mix. I combined, some of the cereal, some chocolate chips and raisins for a sweet, crunchy snack.

You could also use the granola in a dinner recipe as well. I often use sweet or salty ingredients to coat my chicken when I make it in the oven. To use it in an oven fried chicken recipe, simply pulse your Quaker® Simply Granola in a food processor, and use it in place of bread crumb.

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  1. My little ones will love helping me with this fun idea. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a fun idea! I have a little 3 year old banana eater that would LOVE this! I'll have to test it out on him 🙂

  3. Very unique and creative way, this will be a ht in a any kids or adults party #client

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