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Frugal At Home Spa Experience for your Hardworking Man

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My husband is one of the hardest working men on the planet and I absolutely admire him. He’s worked every shift known to man during our marriage so that I can be at home full-time.

Because he works so hard I always try to do things to help him relax when he gets home.

The first thing he likes to do after a long day at work, is take a hot shower and change into something comfortable. 

To make this transition easy for him, I have everything set up in our bathroom to give him a spa like experience when he showers. Let me show you how I pulled it together on a budget using stuff from around my home and some inexpensive items I picked up from Walmart.

Everything I needed to turn our bathroom into a relaxing spa experience for my husband was purchased either purchased Walmart and gathered from decor I already had around my home.

The things I bought from Walmart were the new Irish Spring Signature Body Wash 3-in-1 hydrating and the 3-pack bar soaps Hydrating and Exfoliating Scrub. I also picked up some washcloths for $0.49 each.

To pull the bathroom together in a way that would be useful and relaxing for my husband I first bought in his necessities.

Glass Storage

I used glass storage to house his toiletries and personal care supplies. 

Soap is one of those things that needs constant replenishing so I keep a bar in the shower and a few extra bars in a clear glass bowl on our bathroom shelves. 

I use  glass so I can easily see when he’s running low. I bought him the new Irish Spring Signature for men bar soaps. I thought they’d look really nice displayed in the jar. The bars come in are green for body & face or an oatmeal color for just body.

Because we have earthy tones in our bathroom the oatmeal colored body bars worked best for our decor. These are not the traditional Irish Spring soaps our dads used to use. These have authentic ingredients, smell wonderful and are bigger cut bars of soap for our hard working men.

Because I bought two Irish Spring Signature products, I earned a $5 movie credit. You can learn more about the movie credit here.


We know with all the scented candles on the market, you can really set the mood with these. 

Using a hurricane glass I already owned, I filled it with river rocks and set a vanilla scented pillar candle on top of them.


This weaved basket is one we already owned and doubles a seat, table or storage basket. It’s been used all over my home since buying it. It’s one of two and right now it’s right outside of our shower. It holds extra linen and soap making it easy for my husband to grab.

I set this all up in and afternoon before my husband got home from the gym and he loved it. 

The first thing he does when he gets home is take a shower so I was happy I could surprise him with this frugal at home spa experience.

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    19 thoughts on “Frugal At Home Spa Experience for your Hardworking Man

    1. Guys need to be taken care of to! I'll be showing this to the hubby!

    2. I love the scent of Irish Spring. I will have to pick some of this up for my son and my husband.

    3. For years the onlyy thing hubby would use id Irish Spring. He just would not believe me when I told him about all these great products they have. Love your spa idea.

    4. I saw the body wash at the store and was intrigued. I didn't pick it up, but I will in the future!

    5. I didn't know that Irish Spring had a new fragrance specifically for men. I'll have to get these for the boys. They sure do need it.

    6. How thoughtful of you to put together something special like this! I often get upset that my husband doesn't recognize my efforts, but maybe taking the first step and setting an example is the answer?

    7. I love how you set this up- so thoughtful and I'm sure he appreciated it!! It's always the little things, and frugal is a good thing!!

    8. I might have to follow in your footsteps and buy some for my boyfriend. He might really like them!

    9. My husband has been using Irish Spring products for years. They smell so good.

    10. I really love your bathroom decor. Irish Spring is my hubs favorite scent so I will have to check this out

    11. Ohhh .. I really like this and the way you did the set-up. I'm sure your Husband will appreciate it

    12. WOW! The husband would want to know what I did/or wanted if I did this for him-LOL! That's awesome! We love Irish Spring!

    13. yes you have created a very serene environment for your hubby. Looks like a great place to relax

    14. Love the smell of Irish Springs!
      Totally reminds me of when I was a kid.'What did you hubby think of the bathroom surprise?

    15. I am pretty sure my husband would laugh at me if I did this for him, but he does like Irish Spring, so I will get him some 🙂

    16. Ooh, I am definitely setting up this spa experience for my husband! I love the scent of Irish Spring!

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