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DIY ‘You Got This’ College Survival Kit

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Hey loves this DIY ‘You Got This’ College Survival Kit is super easy to make, filled with inspiration and is a fun way to encourage a special women in your life. If you’ve been wanting to step in and be an inspiration to another woman, this may be the thing for you to do.

I have been talking a lot about this online and sharing how important it is for us to know our purpose so that we can empower others in theirs.

It is devastating for a woman to live her whole life discouraged and unsure of the value she adds to the world. While I’ve not lived in a perpetual state of discouragement, I have certainly experienced moments in my life when I was unsure about things. Since realizing the power we give up when we live lives of defeat, I’ve made it my mission to become an encourager. That mission of mine begins with my family and stretches out to impact my community both online and offline. One person in particular who I love to encourage is my sister-in-law.DIY You Got This College Survival Kit

Like me, she spent time in the foster care system and was later adopted into our family at the age of eight years old. She’s grown up into an amazing young lady and is choosing a bright path for herself. She recently graduated and is attending college. I’ve shared my experiences with her and have encouraged her over the years to overcome some tough struggles. I look at her today and am so proud of her. Now that she’s a young adult, she will still need encouragement, just in a different way.

Do you have a young person in your life like my sister-in-law who you could step in and be a role model for? If so, I have an idea for you. Take a few moments to put together a unique gift that let’s them know you’re rooting for them. If your young person is in college, you could easily create this College Survival Kit with just a few supplies.DIY "You Got This" College Survival Kit

My kit was inspired by the new DOVE Chocolate PROMISES 31 oz. canister at Sam’s Club and their partnership designed to empower women who grow cocoa in the communities of Ivory Coast. DOVE Chocolate PROMISES is a decadent chocolate experience using cocoa sustainably sourced, by women cocoa farmers.

DOVE Chocolate has partnered with CARE builds Village Savings and Loan Associations to make microfinancing available to women in communities where the cocoa is sourced. These small loans help female farmers obtain funds that can be invested in their farms, their communities and their future.

What CARE Vision does:

  • Increase women’s access to economic and social opportunities
  • Provide resources to help women farmers improve their yields and incomes
  • Enable women to make decisions in cocoa farming communities and household

I’ve spent a lot of time encouraging women all over the world, online, and in person so I understand the impact programs like CARE Vision can make in the lives of women outside of the United States. Purchasing DOVE Chocolate PROMISES is one way to empower women, but you can also empower one right here in your community by creating a fun kit for a special lady in your life. DOVE Chocolate PROMISES, with its inspirational messaging inside of each wrapper is a great way to encourage someone you care about each and every time they enjoy a DOVE Chocolate PROMISES.DIY You Got This College Survival Kit

My kit is college themed but your doesn’t have to be. Use mine as inspiration, but have fun and make it unique for your recipient.

DIY ‘You Got This’ College Survival Kit DIY You Got This College Survival Kit


  • DOVE Chocolate PROMISES  (3 flavors)

Dark Chocolate

White & Dark Chocolate Swirl

Sea Salt Caramel & Dark Chocolate

  • Small frame
  • printed inspirational message
  • coffee mug
  • candle
  • pencils
  • dividers
  • clip board
  • dorm room tassel key chain
  • wire basket

DIY You Got This College Survival Kit

1.  Print and cut your message down to size. Place in frame.

2. Assemble all of the larger items toward the back of the wire basket.

3. Fill your coffee mug with a mix of the three DOVE Chocolate PROMISES flavors.

4. Assemble the remaining small items in the front of the basket.
DIY You Got This College Survival Kit

The new 31 oz. DOVE Chocolate PROMISES, in the improved packaging to show members what’s inside, can be found on the candy aisle at Sam’s Club. Use this link to find a club near you. Plus when you click here and sign up for a free Ibotta account you will earn $1.50 with the purchase of a 31 oz. canister of DOVE PROMISES Chocolate 3 Flavor Assortment.


Sam's Club

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12 thoughts on “DIY ‘You Got This’ College Survival Kit

  1. Wow! Such a great initiative coming from Dove Chocolates! I am a fan of Dove and now I am in love with them more because of this project for women. I hope many companies will do the same as their corporate social responsibility.

  2. What a wonderful idea of a college survival kit .Plants and chocolate with coffee always help.

  3. This is such a cool basket. And I can imagine how it might be helpful to a young college student. Anything to encourage them to work hard and give it their best is a good thing. Love the Dove Chocolates too.

  4. This is adorable! We need to send more care packages to our cousins in college.

  5. This is such a cute idea! In college, things like this can make such a difference when things start getting stressful!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this. I really find it important, like yourself, to promote improvement and love. I like that you mention that we all have value and that you try to inspire others to see it.

  7. I love his idea! I have a cousin who just entered her Freshman year in college. This will make a great “thinking of you” gift! I will be sure to share a pic when it’s completed! I can’t wait to try the new Dove! I love the mission! And thanks for the coupon!!

  8. Ohh how cute and thoughtful of you preparing this little something for your sister-inlaw! I love how every bite you take of that Dove chocolat you get a ego-boost because normally with each bite I feel quilty taking another piece of chocolat! Now I would eat them with pleasure and once I finish the bag I will aswell have a great confidence!🙏❤️

  9. This is just brilliant! Gave me lot of ideas to create survival kits. Highly motivating. Sharing it with my contacts.

    1. Perhaps get them flameless candles, must dorms don’t allow flames.

      1. Great idea. Thanks Susana.

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