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DIY Key Holder | How to Organize Your Keys in a Small Foyer

Want a super easy way to store and organize your family’s keys? Then this tutorial is for you and it doesn’t require much DIY experience.

The warmer months have got to be my favorite time of year. It’s when my home gets the most natural light and I feel most excited about doing home improvements. One that I’ve procrastinated on has been creating a better method for organizing our keys. Awhile back, I showed you how to personalize your keys so you can tell which key on your ring goes to which lock, and today I’ll show you how we keep track of your key rings.

There are a few different methods I toyed around with before settling on this one. I’d love it if my foyer were big enough for a table. If it we’re, surely I’d go the route of placing a dish on the table to corral keys. But my foyer is tiny ya’ll. It’s about 4×4 and barely room to get groceries in the door. A few years ago, I installed a small shelf and even it felt like it took up to much of the tiny bit of space in my foyer.

So I searched around on the web for some inspiration and decided on key holders that had a small footprint. These hooks are super small, but can hold the weight of a decent key ring. To make these I used just two supplies.

The adhesive hooks I bought were white and I definitely didn’t want my key holder to look generic, so I added two coats of gold metallic spray paint. When it comes to do it yourself projects, paint is BAE! Paint turns the ordinary into something extraordinary.DIY Key Holder | How to Organize Your Keys in a Small Foyer

Subscribe to ApronsAndStilletos.comI let these dry and cure for 24 before hanging them. I didn’t, although I should have, use a level. I just eyeballed the placement and hoped for the best. My friends and family aren’t going to come over and critique whether or not my hooks are evenly spaced. It’s not that deep!

Once I had them hung, I knew I went with the perfect solution. I hung three rings. One for me, my husband and the kids. Grabbing our keys on the way out has been so much simpler and this looks a thousand times better than what I had holding our keys before.

DIY Key Holder | How to Organize Your Keys in a Small Foyer

This project took a total of 20 minutes to prep. Another 24 hours to let the paint cure and about 15 minutes to hang.

Would you do this or do you do something like this to keep your keys organized?


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