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DIY Binder Pen Loop Tutorial + My Favorite Pens for Planners

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DIY Binder Pen Loop Tutorial

I’ve been using my planner for a few months now and while I love it, I hate that there isn’t a place for me to store my pen. With some planners there’s a sewn on pen holder loop, but not with mine. Having to get up and get a pen whenever I want to use my planner is annoying so I created a pen loop hack for my binders and planners without one.

DIY Binder Pen Loop Tutorial

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve caught a glimpse of my favorite everyday pen which is the Pilot G2 Premium in black ink with either a 0.7 or 0.38 tip. 

Both write super smooth, have a comfortable rubber grip, and help me achieve crisp lines when I write. Part of the pleasure of working on my planner is how therapeutic it is to get everything in my head out on paper in a neat and organized fashion. Seeing my words, thoughts and ideas neatly sprawled across sheets of paper help me better manage my home, life, and business.

Just recently I took the leap and added color to my planner pages with the G2 Metallics. I bought these at Target and saved using a coupon I got for joining the Target Overachievers Club. To join, I texted G2CLUB to 40679 and they sent me a coupon to kick off my new club membership.

DIY Binder Pen Loop Tutorial

So let me show you how I’ll keep my new pens attached to my binder when I’m not using them.

For this tutorial you’ll need:
  • a nice pen I recommend the pretty G2 Target Fashion Collection or G2 Metallics
  • elastic ribbon
  • hot glue gun & hot glue
  • scissors
Elastic Pen Loop
1. Measure out a strip of elastic ribbon the length of your binder cover times two. So if the front of your binder is 8 inches, cut a strip that’s 16 inches.
2. Now wrap a strip of elastic around the barrel of your pen and cut that length. Repeat this step twice.
DIY Binder Pen Loop Tutorial

3. Take the longest strip of elastic and glue the two ends together making sure to overlap them.
4. Now take the smaller strip of elastic and both end horizontally around the longer strip making a loop.
DIY Binder Pen Loop Tutorial
5. Slide your elastic onto your binder cover and your pen into your loop.
DIY Binder Pen Loop Tutorial
Did you enjoy this planner hack? Do you consider yourself an overachiever, then join the Target G2 Overachievers Club to receive promotions, product news, overachiever life hacks, giveaways and more. Text G2CLUB to 40679 to join and they’ll send you a coupon to kick off your new club membership. You can find Pilot G2 pens, in 4 point sizes plus 15 vibrant colors on the office supply aisle and on a special end cap this month.

Pilot G2 is the #1 Selling gel ink brand in America (source: NPD, 2015) and America’s Go-2 gel ink pen! What’s your favorite Pilot G2 Pen? 
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60 thoughts on “DIY Binder Pen Loop Tutorial + My Favorite Pens for Planners

  1. I have seen these in the store for my Happy Planner. I wanted one but didn't like the price tag. I think this is a DIY I can master!

    1. I was looking for something Iike this in store after seeing someone else with one but couldn't find it. Making it myself was easy and only took a few minutes to cut and glue.

  2. My goodness, this is such a beautiful DIY work that could be so useful for many. The binder loops is such a great idea and having space for the pen along with it looks amazing too!

    1. Lisa I actually used this same elastic to create and Elastic Headband tutorial. Super easy cute headbands like you find in the stores
      for $9-$25.

  3. That's such a clever idea. I have a nice planner but it doesn't have a pen loop. Going to try to make one thanks to this tutorial!

  4. Love this idea. At first I thought the ribbon was glued to the planner but I see it fits over the cover. LOVE!

    1. Yes! It's elastic ribbon so it stretches and fits over your binder cover, but it's removable.

  5. You've got nice life-sized pics. The quality of your pen pics are excellent. Good info on the tutorial.

    1. All you have to do now is experience how they write for yourself. I love using them in my planner and my husband using them for work.

  6. In college I majored in Graphic Design. I still dabble a little here and there, but one thing hasn't changed. I love my pens!

    1. So true! I've always loved writing and do a lot of it online now but still love the feel and experience of pen and paper.

  7. I love pens with personality! I also love the easy DIY pen holder, I always carry my planner and notebook and then I can't find a pen. This is great!

  8. What a brilliant idea! This would be fun. I've never thought using that o my diary before until found this.

  9. Great tutorial! I love the double hold for the pen and the pens are super cute. Recently joined your tribe and loving the post. Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Marsha! So glad you found me Chica! Make sure you come hang out with me on Instagram and YouTube Live during the week.

  10. This is a fantastic idea. I love to write in my journal. I enjoy opening a new pack of pens. I will have to try the G2 Metallics.

  11. OMG ~ you just solved the one and only problem I had with my new planner! It has a loop of elastic for a pen/pencil on it but, it is three times to large (go figure, huh?). Gong to make a few of these for my planner; I use different colored gel pens for different items to plan ~ food/blog post/review/etc.

    1. I love that you color code your planner by category/task. Great idea! The Pilot G2's come in some pretty gel ink colors.

  12. Oh my word!! This is so cute! I love this. Such a great idea. It would also make a great gift idea for my planner loving friends.

  13. OMG my planner nor journal have a place to hold my pen and it drives me insane! I must do this ASAP !

  14. Perfect tutorial for people that carry planners. Or the ones that do the bullet journal! Great for never losing a pen.

  15. What an awesome tutorial! This may be great for my planner. I always need a pen!

  16. I like Pilot pens too. I love the idea of doing this to hold my pens. I think I could even make this pen loop. I am not too crafty, lol.

  17. Wow this looks pretty fun and so easy to make, I will have to try it myself. Wish me luck 😉 I'm not very artistic lol

  18. This is actually pretty helpful! I can't tell you the number of minutes I waste in a day looking for a pen to write in my planner! It's crazy!

  19. That's a great idea, and not too complicated! I remember back in the day, the pens never stayed where I tucked them and they'd fall to the ground.

    1. I tried tucking it betwen the binder rings but it kept falling out. This keeps them secure and in one place.

  20. What a great idea! All my journals and planners need a space for a pen. Pinning this for later.

  21. This is such a nice DIY! I like the idea of having a pen folder in my planner wherever I go. Such a great idea. I might want to try doing it. Thanks

    1. It's really helped me. Now having my Pilot G2 pens in my binder versus at my desk makes more sense.

  22. These are some fabulous pens! I like how they are different colors on the outside. So stylish! And great pen holder.

  23. Those Binder loops are such a great idea. As a binder,planner notebook finactic I need to make these. I think the Lil divas would have fund doing it too. Thanks for sharing

    1. I was going to use a pen case but I didn't want to add bulk to my binder. These don't take up much space. I think it would be a great craft for your girls and if you buy the elastic roll, they can make my diy headband tutorial.

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