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Easy Date Night Charcuterie Board and Wine Pairing

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After 19 years of marriage, my husband and I perfectly complement each other just like the WW Light String Cheese, WW Giant Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Bars, and Cense Rosé that inspired this date night charcuterie board.
Date Night Charcuterie Board + Wine Pairing

Germaine and I celebrated 19 years of joyful, abundant, juicy marriage this month by going out of town. We booked a room at our favorite boutique hotel in Charlotte and ordered dinner most nights, but we also brought along some special items for this romantic charcuterie board.

Date Night Charcuterie Board + Wine Pairing

I bought almost everything for the board at Publix (including the roses!) a few days before we left town. To keep everything cold I packed it in a cooler until we checked into our room. The weather was just as perfect for this anniversary as it was 19 years ago when we had our wedding. We had an outdoor end of summer wedding when the weather was just beginning to cool and flowers were still in bloom.

Date Night Charcuterie Board + Wine Pairing

We look forward to this time every year. Germaine always plans something nice to celebrate our anniversary and I add some final touches that help us soak up the final days of summer. I wanted a light summer vibe for our charcuterie date night, so I used pairings that felt like a summer picnic.

Date Night Charcuterie Board  

Our board had a mix of sweet and savory pairings. I started by wrapping WW Light String Cheese in sliced turkey to create a substantial snack in case we got hungry while talking late into the night. I used WW Light Mozzarella String Cheese which has 50% less fat and 25% fewer calories than low-moisture part-skim mozzarella cheese. I filled the roll ups with Mozzarella because of its mild flavor that pairs well with savory turkey. 

Date Night Charcuterie Board + Wine Pairing

The string cheese alone would be fine too. Each stick has 6g of protein and 50 calories making it a quick late evening snack – or anytime you want a snack! I surrounded the turkey and cheese sticks with summer fruit, nuts and dried legumes.

Romantic Wine Pairing

To enjoy with the board accoutrements’s, grab a bottle of Cense Rosé from www.censewines.com. I am a notorious “B.Y.O.W” vacationer. For those who don’t know, B.Y.O.W is “Bring Your Own Wine.” I pack wine when I’m vacationing because it’s a budget friendly way to save on vacation dining expenses. For our date night I wanted a light summery wine to pair with our charcuterie board and Cense Rosé did not disappoint.

It’s made in California and has pale pink floral aromas with hints of summer fruit including strawberry and Bing cherry. Cense Rosé is a light refreshing wine that can be enjoyed year-round even while sticking to the WW food point system. A 5 fl. oz glass of Cense Rosé is gluten free, and just 3 SmartPoints®.

Date Night Board Dessert Pairings

To finalize our date night pairings, I also brought along two delectable desserts, WW Giant Fudge Bars and dark chocolate. I’ve mentioned in previous content that I’m working on getting back to my goal weight of 125 pounds. I don’t believe in cutting out foods I enjoy to reach my fitness goal. Instead I make different choices that involve being aware of what’s in the food I eat. The WW bars are only 90 calories and 4 SmartPoints® Value per bar. Fudge Bars have been my husband and I’s top dessert for a while now. It gives us the feel of full-fat ice-cream, but with less calories per serving.

Date Night Charcuterie Board + Wine Pairing

The WW Giant Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Bars are made with no artificial sweeteners and the dark chocolate is sugar free.

Having a charcuterie board date night on our anniversary getaway made the time in our room even more special. The change of scenery, foods I love, plus shared with the man I love most was amazing. I’d love for you to replicate this idea to use for your next date-night-in, romantic getaway, or even to enjoy alone during a hot bubble bath.

You can find most of the featured WW items at Publix to pull your own charcuterie board together. The WW cheese is in the dairy section and the ice cream is in the frozen desserts aisle. Click here to find WW products near you!

Date Night Charcuterie Board + Wine Pairing

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