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Dairy Free Fruity Parfait

My Dairy Free Fruity Parfait recipe is sponsored. All opinions are mine alone.

I love the taste of a delicious parfait or smoothie, but for some, dairy may be bothersome to the digestive system. That doesn’t mean they can never eat dairy again, they simply can swap out dairy and still enjoy the same delicious snacks.

In the last year, my husband has been getting major cramps after ingesting milk or yogurt. When he eats ice-cream, drinks milk or  yogurt it just seems to set his stomach off.

Just when he had given up, he started using Silk nut milk for his cereal. After trying them a few times, he loved them and had no more cramps.

Shortly after that, low and behold, I found out Silk also made yogurt.

 I couldn’t even believe it. Silk created a dairy-free yogurt in four different flavors that have no cholesterol, artificial colors or flavors.

I wanted my husband to try them all immediately, so  I made two different parfaits for him using the smooth and creamy vanilla and strawberry flavored Silk Dairy-Free yogurt.

I started with a little bit of strawberry yogurt at the bottom of my glass then added blueberries, raspberries, and kiwi.

Next I added vanilla yogurt and more fruit.

These tasted so good and he didn’t even notice they were dairy-free. The only reason he’s sure they were is because he didn’t get cramps after eating them.


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