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CVS PayPal Master Card Fees | What You Need to Know!!

If you did the PayPal Master Card deal at CVS today here are a few important things you need to know about the fees and how to avoid them.

In order to see your $150 balance you have to activate the card using the number on the front of it.

To activate the card you have to provide a SS#, address, and date of birth. ALSO as long as there is a
balance they are deducting $4.95/mo. The first $4.95 will come off the
card 24-48 hours after activation AND
continues as long as there is ANY balance on the card so I suggest using the balance IMMEDIATELY and cancelling the card to avoid the $4.95 charge. 

you even have 50¢ left on the card it will deduct
$4.95 leaving you with a negative balance! 

I used it to purchase a Walmart
card and now have a $0.00 balance. Some are reporting they were able to
transfer the card balance to their Paypal account. I couldn’t figure
that out.

The fees are crazy on this card so I don’t suggest keeping it! 

$4.95 to purchase (although it’s reported you ask to waive that fee at
checkout which covers the cost of your permanent card).

$4.95 within
the first 48 hours you are charge a $4.95 monthly fee, then after that
you are charged $4.95 per month as long as there is a balance and if you don’t cancel the card.

Also, if the card is inactive
for 90 days you are charged ANOTHER fee. 

If you got this card just find a way to move the balance off of the card and cancel the card right away.

You will ALSO need to cancel the permanent card they are sending. You don’t need to wait until it arrives to cancel it.

Any questions?

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