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Cancelled Orders | Free Gemstone Ring | Press Release

Did you stop by last weekend and jump on the amazing deal from Gemorie?

If you did you’ve probably already been contacted by them about the glitch in their promotion.

If you haven’t been contacted yet you will be, but in the meantime all orders made on 11/16 – 11/17 are being cancelled.
While the offer I posted was legitimate the owner never intended for the promotion to go viral nor for the credit to be applied the way it did. 

The owner intended for the $25 credit to be applied to orders of $100 or more. For example, if total is $300, then you can use three of your $25 credits, which means $75 off on the entire order.


Well obviously the company was flooded with new sign-ups because who doesn’t want a FREE credit?

And who doesn’t want FREE jewelry…RIGHT!?!

I talked the the Chief Marketing Officer at Gemorie and due to their serious oversight, they are going to honor the promotion with the conditions they intended that the $25 discount is applied for every $100 spent on the website. 

For customers who made a purchase on 11/16 -11/17, in place of their orders they will receive a FREE gift from the site.

Here’s the details:

1) The credits that you earned by referring friends will still remain
in your account, even the ones you used for your orders placed 11/16 – 11/17. 

2) You can keep your order with only $25 in referral credits being applied per $100 and you’ll be responsible for the difference.

3) If you do not wish to keep your order, you will receive a FREE jewelry of your choice that’s worth the credits that were
supposed to be allowed to apply to your order depending on the subtotal

So if your order was $200 and you used $200 in credits, you’ll be able to get a FREE $50 item since they only intended for $50 to be applied to your $200 order.

4) On top of the free jewelry you’ll receive for your credits, you will also receive a complimentary gemstone ring as a sincere apology for
all your inconvenience.

So you won’t be getting all of the FREE jewelry you expected but you will get 1-2 FREE items.

The Chief Marketing Officer was very pleasant each time I talked to him via phone and email. He explained the liability it would be to their company if they fulfilled every order for FREE items that came in last weekend. 

They also put out a press release to explain in detail what occurred.

It was very generous of him to still provide a FREE item to those customers and a sincere apology.

If you are ready to order your FREE item simply call Gemorie at (562) 566-3603 Monday – Friday PST.

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