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Best Attractions in New York City

New York City is one the the most exciting cities on the planet. It’s made up of 5 boroughs full of amazing things to do, see, smell, hear and taste. Growing up there allowed me to have so many experience I know I would have missed out on growing up any place else. Now that I no longer live in the city, I love growing back as a tourist. One day one I visit friends, family and my old stomping grounds, but for the rest of my time there I do touristy stuff.

Since I grew up there and now go back as a tourist I want to tell you the top three places I recommend you go if it’s your first time in New York. 

World Trade Center Complex     

The first place you want to visit is the World Trade Center Complex and the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. There are several things to do at the WTC Complex from dining to shopping, but for me just take in the enormity of what was here before, what took place here and what’s here now, just tatkes my breath away. I saw the WTC Complex during it’s rebuilding when I was in NYC one summer and could not phathom what would stand in the place of the previous World Trade Towers. To see the new complex and experience the sights, sounds and energy is just inspiring. 

9/11 Memorial and Museum

When you are ready to visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum I suggest scheduling a late evening tour so you can see how the grounds illuminate at night.

Times Square

This is by far one of my favorite free places to be. While there is a lot to send money on in Times Square, you can absolutely head down and enjoy the sights and sounds for just the cost of a subway token. My brother and I hung out in Times Square at least once a month to get away from our crummy neighborhood in the Bronx. We’d hop on the train to 34th street to shop, eat and enjoy the city. 

Times Square is home to so many amazing things and not far from where the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is held and the largest Macy’s I’ve ever been in. It’s not far from Madison Square Garden. From Time Square you can walk blocks in either direction and feel the excitment of the city all around you.

Empire State Building

Just a few blocks from Times Square is the Empire State Building. If you want to get a breathtaking birds eye view of the city you must visit the Empire State Building.

It’s a 10 minute walk from 34 street and Times Square and the view from the top is well worth admission.

Bronx Zoo
Next up is one of the saving graces of the Bronx. Growing up in the Bronx, knowing I could exscape the craziness of the neighborhood and head to the zoo for free on Wednesday was a God send. 
On Wednesday, I’d pack up my brother and daugther to take advantage of the free admission to the zoo. Being in the Bronx Zoo makes you feel like you’re on another continent. The themed anaimal habitats and beautiful animals you never thought you’d see in real life are all there. 
It’s such an amazing experience for kids and young adults whi have never travelled to places like Asia or Africa. I believe those weekly visits to the zoo sparked my love of travel. Since becoming an adult, I’ve lived in Asia and am travelling in Kenya next week. I know some people are really against zoos and having animals in enclosed areas, but as a kid living in the Bronx, it allowed me to see and experience an environment I only read about in books. 
It made me long to go to the places these animals were native to. I’ve taken my husband and children to the zoo since leaving New York and they loved it as much as I did when I was a kid.

Have you very visited New York? What’s your favorite thing to do?


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