Media Kit


Aprons And Stilletos Media Kit


Here are just a few ways we could work together…

  • Event or Media Coverage: Let me maximize your brands presence at events or on television with in-person coverage. I love representing brands that resonate with me and the families who follow me online. I offer a wide range of live exposure from news recipe development segments to LIVE interviews while at events.

Rates start at $2,500

  • Sponsored Video or Post: Let me take your amazing product and create an engaging post or video that will get my mostly mama audience excited in a fun and organic way. A sponsored post of video weaves the highlights of your brands product into content that readers would already expect here at Aprons And Stilletos. The post or video is created in my own voice, includes high quality, well lit video or images plus links to your site.

Post Rates as low as $400 and video as low as $900

  • Sponsored Giveaway: Another great way to get people excited about your product/ brand is to give them a chance to try it for free!  A sponsored giveaway here at Aprons And Stilletos is similar to a sponsored post, but in addition you will provide the product for giveaway.  The giveaway will include 3 links of your choice plus links to your site.

Rates as low as $500

  • Sponsored LIVEstreaming or Social Media Only Promotion: My followers love seeing a brands products reviewed by their favorite influencers on Instagram or Facebook. Let’s take your awesome product and highlight it with an unboxing or series of images that gets your target audience buzzing. What would like to share with my 47K+ social media followers? Let’s chat!

Rates as low as $250