7 Ways to Make Donating as a Family a Priority

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Did you know I grew up hungry? Yep…I sure did. As a preteen I’ve had to eat at soup kitchen’s with homeless people and was often hungry as a teen. At that time I came to understand lack and vowed I’d never let my kids experience that. Fast forward a few years, when I became an adult started over shopping. I’d buy more food than we needed just to ensure the cabinets and refrigerator were always full. That led to waste because we weren’t eating things before the expiration dates.

Out of fear, I’d gone from one extreme to another. When I realized I was wasting, I decided to use that energy to feed families in need and we’ve now been donating as a family for over a decade. Our giving has gotten to the point where it goes beyond just food. We also donate clothing, money and school supplies year round because giving is part of who we are as a family.

Giving doesn’t have to be complicated though. You can start in simple ways that flow with your lifestyle and watch how it grows from there. Here are 7 Ways to Make Donating as a Family a Priority and super easy!

1 – Partner with your favorite brands to fight hunger.

Gold Peak® has made it easy for you  to get involved. They’ve partnered with Feeding America to help fight hunger with special text messages we can send. If you have your phone in your hand all you do is text “GIVE” to 26739 and Gold Peak will donate a $1 to Feeding America.

Every $1 donated provides at least 10 meals to people in need. It’s that simple! 7 Ways to Make Donating as a Family a Priority

You can learn more about Gold Peak’s initiative and where you can support your local Food Bank for a chance to receive a $1,000 donation from Gold Peak. Ten food banks will be selected to receive a $1,000 donation.

2- Keep a collection container in your kitchen.

A box or large tote, if your kitchen has the space, is great way to make donating a priority. I keep a smaller collection container in my kitchen and a larger one in the laundry room. Once the large one in the laundry room is full, we take to a local food bank.

7 Ways to Make Donating as a Family a Priority

3- Keep a list of what food banks need most.

Another way to give more often is to know what food banks are looking for. Anytime we can, we grab a food donation list and keep it somewhere we’ll see it. The best place for us is on the fridge, but hung inside of your pantry is a good idea too.

4- Purge the pantry once a month.

About once a month is a good time to audit the pantry and get rid of unexpired, can and dry goods you’re not going to use.

5- Donate at the grocery store register.

If physically collecting items is not your thing, go back and see my first tip. In addition to that, consider donating at the register when you checkout. Many organizations collect monetary donations during the checkout process. This is not my preferred way of giving just because I shop so often that I’m asked multiple times a week.

6- Donate at your grocery store entrance.

If your grocery stores are like mine, they’re tons of opportunities to pick up items while shopping donate. Many of the organizations accept food and/or give cash.

7- Have a meeting over dinner to set monthly donation goals.

Now that you have some ideas, its time to create a course of action. Plan a nice dinner week to talk about how you can be more generous this year. Set realistic goals using the tips I shared.

7 Ways to Make Donating as a Family a Priority

You can start this weekend by grabbing Gold Peak Tea at Target, planning a meal and talking about ways you can give this year.

7 Ways to Make Donating as a Family a Priority

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