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7 Simple Milestones On Your Journey To Financial Independence

There are seven MAJOR things you should be doing RIGHT NOW to put yourself on the path to financial independence this year. They are super simple and easy to follow. I have broken them down as a list, but have also created a companion video for you to watch at your leisure. 

The video will give you some back story on my experience with investing and let you know that you don’t need a degree to invest your money to build wealth. 

I’m a high school drop out with a GED and earned a 67% return on my investments last year. With some basic knowledge and strategic investment strategies, I will have at least a 1.2 million dollar net worth at retirement as an average income earner.

But before we get into the list and video, let me tell you where my experience with investing started.

My very first experience with investments came at 15 years old.

That’s when I learned I had a trust fund my parents set up for me. When I found out I couldn’t wait to until my 18th birthday to get my hands on the money. When I turned 17 I became an emancipated minor and spent most of the trust within 2 years.

What that taught me about money is that it takes more than just earning money or inheriting money to make one wealthy.

They also have to have the financial tools to make wealth decisions. We live in a consumer society where having the latest “things” is how we demonstrate our wealth to our peers.

However if you are an average income earner who wants to become wealthy you’re going to have to get off that hamster wheel and learn how to put your money to work.

Last year I had 67% return from my IRA portfolio and made sleep coins from my Crypto investments. That’s my money working for me!

Guess what? In 2022, I plan to rinse and repeat using the 7 milestones below!! 💵💵💵

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♦ Create investment account(s)

♦ Research potential investments

♦ Set up a diversified portfolio

♦ Invest 15% to 50% of your income

♦ Reinvest the dividends

♦ Make weekly investment

♦ Regularly review investment portfolio

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I made it super short and provided additional resources for you to dig deeper into each milestone.

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