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7 Organization Tools from My Home and On My Radar

I was browsing the Rue La La sales today and came across some items I use in my home to entertain, decorate and keep things organized.

In my Organizing a Small Bathroom post, I share how I use the Calais basket to corral my shower and hair supplies and the lined storage baskets to organize things. 

You’ll see the glass bottles on my nightstand, in my DIY Confetti Face wipe dispenser post. 

My rectangular lined storage baskets are used for laundry. I have one basket for each type of laundry we wash. I shared my laundry routine and how I use these baskets earlier this year.
I’m a fan of all kinds of beverage bottles and dispensers. These are really fun. I have several beverage containers and anytime we have friends over, they mention how much they like whichever ones I’m using at the time.
I have added this item to my virtual and real life shopping cart at least  four times. It makes sense and I feel like we need it. I picked one up at TJMaxx yesterday, but didn’t buy it. What’s holding me back is my aversion to cluttered counters. When I finally make up my mind to buy this I don’t think I ‘ll regret it.

This is another gadget that keeps going in my cart and then not being bought. I have a lot of kitchen gadgets that could use better organization, but I’m not sure if this is what I want just yet even though I’ve picked up at several stores and looked at it online.

Finally, here are my favorite kitchen tools. You’ve seen my snap containers in my meal planning posts. I absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants to organize their meals and refrigerator. 

They come in plastic and glass. What I love about the glass is that they’re dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. Here’s how I use the plastic snap containers, (here too) and the glass snap containers.

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