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6 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health

1. Eat whole grains.

Eating whole grains will improve your digestion, make you feel fuller after meals and provide more of the nutrients your body needs.

If you’re feeling sluggish on between meals it can be directly related to your food choices.

Ever since I started eating whole grains I’ve felt more energized and less bogged down throughout the day. Having the energy I need allows me to be a better wife and mom because I’m not cranky from feeling tired.

2. Exercise.

This is a no brainer but hard to do. It’s taken me years to convince my mind and body to desire exercise and even now it’s a daily decision.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be at a point where I don’t have to talk myself into working out but what makes it easier are the rewards I put in place.

Since I like to shop, I treat myself to something exercise related whenever I reach a goal.

Set a fitness goal, find something that motivates and reward yourself when you reach your goal.

3. Drink a gallon of water a day.

One of the easiest ways to track your water intake is by using a dedicated bottle. The best option is a gallon sized jug. On the jug you should make three equal marks.

mark #1 – Drink by 11 a.m.
mark #2 – Drink by 3 p.m.
mark #3 – Drink by 7 p.m

Taralynn’s water bottle above is another example of how to mark a water bottle.

Water hydrates you, improves digestion and the quality of your skin. The easiest way to determine if you are taking in the amount of water your body requires is by looking at the color of your urine.

A fairly healthy persons urine will range in color from clear, to pale yellow to a deep amber. The lighter your urine the better.

4. Eat raw and whole foods.

In a nutshell, begin eating more foods that haven’t been cooked. These would include fruits and vegetables as well as raw nuts.

A salad with olives, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, broccoli. red onion, artichoke and sesame seed is one of my favorite raw food salads.

If you have a blender or juicer, it will be easier to incorporate more raw food into your diet in the form of juices and smoothies.

5. Get 8 hours of sleep.

This is one of my favorite tips. I don’t know when our society began thinking less is more when it comes to sleep. 

The lack of sleep leads to many problems that can be avoided by just getting more sleep.

There are some instances when this is not possible, however if you have a schedule that allows you to get eight hours of sleep take advantage of it.

A rested body is a calmer body.

6. Schedule a monthly mental health day.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a day to plan something non work or family related. Your mental health day should involve activities that leave you feeling rejuvenated.

The goal of mental health day is to take connect with things that bring you joy. When you are joyful it changes your outlook on everything else in your life.

The health decisions you make today will determine your quality of life in the future. 

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