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5 Ways to Build an Exercise Habit

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Planet Fitness. All opinions are mine.

My daughter called me asking if I could give her a workout DVD her father and I bought sometime ago. She recently gave birth and wants to start working off the baby weight. To help her build an exercise habit she’ll stick to I’m giving her the DVD’s but I’m also sharing some of my “new mom” exercise tips with her as well.5 Ways to Build an Exercise Habit

For a few years after having my youngest son, I stopped exercising and put on a bit of weight. I was in a rut and feeling frumpy. My husband talked me into joining the gym and once I pushed past the initial struggle, exercising became a habit again.

I learned the longer you put it off the easier it is to get in a rut. But you don’t have to stay there. Mentally and physically I wasn’t at my best, but I set my exercise goals, went after them and with each hurdle I solidified a healthier life for myself with these five habits.

5 Ways to Build an Exercise Habit

1 – Write it down.

If you’re going to win at building a solid exercise habit, you must write down what you plan to accomplish. Find a quiet spot (alone) and think about what you want to accomplish, by when and why.5 Ways to Build an Exercise Habit

Pick a sunny spot in your house, light a candle, grab your prettiest pens, your planner and create your game plan. Write down your weaknesses and what you struggle with most when it comes to exercising.
5 Ways to Build an Exercise Habit

Write down how often you’ll exercise, when and where. The options are endless and the methods vast. Don’t be afraid to mix at-home-work-outs, or out-door workouts, with gym workouts. Find a combination that makes you feel excited and will keep you consistent.5 Ways to Build an Exercise Habit

2- Join a gym.

While I dislike our expensive membership fee, I do like the benefits of being a member. The reason we keep the expensive membership is because our gym is three minutes from our home and walking distance.

Becoming a member of a gym is another level of commitment that will help you build a habit of exercising. You don’t have to enroll at an expensive gym to build a solid exercise habit. In fact Planet Fitness is a great place to start and is very affordable for first time or occasional gym users.  They have a new member sale going on through January 15th, where new​ ​members can join any location for just $1 down and $10 a month with no commitment and  free fitness training with your membership.5 Ways to Build an Exercise Habit

There’s also the option to connect with “​Planet of Triumphs​,” online. It’s a community that celebrates all accomplishments and inspirational stories of Planet Fitness members.

3- Workout early in the day.

I’ve found that the later I wait in the day the less likely I am to exercise. Let’s just face it. Our days are busy and energy draining and if we give all of our energy to other things on our priority list, we probably won’t exercise. 5 Ways to Build an Exercise Habit

4- Reward Yourself.

Find somethings or some way to reward yourself for hitting your exercise goal. My goal this year is to exercise four days a week for 45 minutes. Every time I hit the goals, I’ll reward myself with a new clothing item for the gym. 5 Ways to Build an Exercise Habit

5- Drop the Guilt.

My last tip especially for new moms is to “drop the guilt”. Don’t feel guilty about taking time away from you family to get fit. That time you spend exercising will make you a better mom. Exercising has a way of calming you and down and making you more excited about life.

5 Ways to Build an Exercise Habit

These are my “real life” tips and strategies for getting fit as a busy wife and mom. I set the goals, figured out my workout routine, chose a reward and started with day one. If you’re looking for a budget friendly gym, Planet Fitness may be right up your alley. JOIN HERE


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