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5 Tips for Smooth DIY Home Projects with Kids

1- Choose realistic starting and stopping points for the project.

You should decide in advance what time you’ll begin working on the project and what time you’ll stop for breaks and meals.

2- Plan meals ahead.

I don’t know how many times Germaine and I have worked on projects only to think about what we would eat later. By that time we probably skipped at least breakfast and lunch. Now we’re tired from working on the project all day and we’re hangry. Now when we work on projects we usually eat an easy breakfast like cereal, order pizza for lunch and pre cook dinner. When meals are planned out in advance it makes the day go better because everyone is nourished.

3- Break the project in to manageable parts.

Germaine and I like to talk about what we hope to have done by the end of each work block. If we’re working from 9 am until 11 am, we set a project completion goal for that block of time. 5 Tips for a Smooth DIY Home Projects with Kids

4- Delegate jobs to all who can work.

In our home it’s all hands on deck anytime possible. We’ve delegated tasks yo our kids over the years based on the project, their age and ability.5 Tips for a Smooth DIY Home Projects with Kids

5- Decide who’s the boss or as we now like to say, “Foreman”.

Every job of ours has a Foreman and we decide which one of us it will be before we start a project. Both Germaine and I are assertive leaders and that can be an issue when working on projects. We’re both capable but go about things differently.

In a recent project where we pulled up carpet, I wanted to cut the carpet into 8 foot strips and then pull it up. Germaine wanted to pull it up and then cut it. He was the (boss) — Foreman so we did it his way. Once the carpet was pulled up and in a bunch we had to stretch it back out some to cut it into pieces.

If I was childish I would have gotten annoyed, but we just stretched it out, cut it and got that task complete. Germaine and I are Type A, Leaders so choosing who will be in charge is helpful.

5 Tips for a Smooth DIY Home Projects with Kids

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