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4 ways to prep your bedroom for a good night’s sleep

These 4 Ways to Prep Your Bedroom For a Good Night’s Sleep is a sponsored post written by mean partnership with Breathe Right® Nasal Strips. All opinions are mine alone.
Last year, my goal in remodeling my bedroom was to turn it into a sanctuary for a good night’s sleep. I wanted it to be a place where my husband and I could relax, sleep and wake up well rested. The older we get, the more important it is for us to sleep well. Our days are full with running two business, managing our family and the tasks those roles entail. To do what we do, we need to be rested and focused.
To create our sleep sanctuary, we brainstormed specific things our bedroom needed to help us sleep better. We knew we wanted to address issues of noise, light, comfort, and serenity. Once we knew what kind of atmosphere we wanted, we prepped our bedroom with the following four solutions in mind.

4 ways to prep your bedroom

for a good night’s sleep

4 ways to prep your bedroom for a good night's sleep

1. Calm down

At the end of every day, you can do one or all of these things to begin preparing for a good night’s rest. My favorite are the first two, while my husband loves the first and last.
Hot Shower – It’s not only good hygiene, but it’s also refreshing.
Decaffeinated Tea – Having something warm before bed is a relaxing habit and a way to calm down.
White Noise – A few minutes before bed, turn the television down low and set the sleep timer. You can also listen to calming sounds from nature like raindrops. YouTube has a ton of great options. Hearing a constant, low, repetitive sound often helps calm the mind and promote sleep.

2. Decrease noise

Random noise is the greatest factor in not getting a good night’s sleep. There can be noise from other parts of your house when others are still awake or noise in your bedroom.
My biggest noise distractions are our kids who stay up later than we do and noise from my husband’s nasal congestion.
Noise in the home
To combat noise outside of our bedroom, I use earplugs. These little things work wonders in decreasing noise and helping me sleep through the night.
Noise in the bedroom
To combat noise from my husband’s allergy related nasal congestion, I keep Breathe Right® Nasal Strips in our night stand table. The nasal strips are easy to apply and help open his airways when his nose is stuffy. The strips are applied to a clean, dry face just above his nostrils so the tabs cover the part of his nostrils that flare out. He just needs to rub gently once they’re on to ensure they stay, and he’s set. That one little strip and it’s spring-like functionality make all the difference between a quiet and a noisy sleep. In the morning, he just washes his face like normal, and they come right off after.

3. Get comfortable

Nothing is more key to a good night’s sleep than a comfortable bed. So much time is spent in bed, so investing in a great mattress, pillows and bed linen is like investing in your well being.
A pillow that’s too firm can lead to neck problems, and not having the right mattress can promote back problems. Certain fabrics can contribute to overheating at night and even itchiness.
Take time to investigate bedding choices, and choose items that promote better sleep and comfort.
4 ways to prep your bedroom for a good night's sleep

4. Reduce light

A dark bedroom is the best when trying to sleep. Whether day or night, you can make your bedroom as dark as possible using blackout curtains or a sleep mask.
Blackout curtains work wonders to block out any light from outside day or night. They are layered with heavy fabric and can block out up to 100% of outside light.
To block indoor light from a television, lamp or other light source, try using a sleep mask. This way, if one person wants to stay up watching television or reading, the person who is ready for bed can still get a good night’s sleep.
4 ways to prep your bedroom for a good night's sleep

What bedtime routine do you have to help you relax ?
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28 thoughts on “4 ways to prep your bedroom for a good night’s sleep

  1. I like how well thought out your plans are here. I think a shower is my favorite, and then just being able to relax…maybe a good book by the bed to pick up and read…makes me happy.

  2. Any amount of caffeine makes my heart race, so "decaf" tea would not work for me, but white noise is absolutely key.

  3. This sounds like a lovely tips! I especially like the makeup bag with the lashes. My tip is reading before going to bed.

    1. It's a DIY using white puffy paint. The bag is a canvas bag you can find at a craft store.

  4. Great tips! My tip won't work for everyone, but we started sleeping better when we moved our twin babies to their own room and out of our master bedroom, HA!

  5. Very helpful suggestions. A good night sleep is all we need, but whenever I think I am in a comfortable position, my minds irks me with a lot of discomfort. So often change different position till I fall asleep.
    Green tea and hot shower are my favorite bed time "things to do". I also use ear plugs, and sometimes nasal drops too. I wake up with a dry mouth, though nothing is problematic yet. Thank you for suggesting all these wonderful ways to sleep better.

    1. Akhil, keep a cup/bottle of water on your nightstand to drink in the morning. That helps me when I wake up with a dry throat & mouth which is evevryday.

  6. I need to buy my husband those Breathe Right strips I am sure that will help me sleep better =) thanks for sharing your routine and tips

  7. I do need to get a good bedroom routine into place. Currently I end up going to bed too late and then up too early. Our room is perfect for sleep but always seems to come up and I can't seem to turn my brain off. I definitely could use a new pillow! I definitely think calming down is super important.

    1. Try doing a brain dump 15-30 minutes before bed. Right everything down on a pad ? that's running through your mind. That's help me declutter my mind and know that I can rest and still remember things I was mulling over the night before by using the list.

    1. That's a good problem to have. Lots of people struggle with getting to sleep. My days are so full I fall right out too!

  8. I have used those a few times and they are so great! especially this time of year when I feel way more stopped up!

  9. Love this! I always keep a diffuser on my nightstand and will put different essential oils in there – depending on what I may need in that moment! It's been so helpful 🙂

    1. I wonder if essential oils bother allergy and asthma sufferers. Scents drive my allergies and sinuses nuts.

  10. Yes! Some nights I really struggle with insomnia. Getting rid of all the lights and distractions has helped me.

  11. I've really struggled with insomnia in the past and I've found that having a shower or bath before bed really helps me calm down and decompress before sleep.

  12. We just moved and I'm trying to do this in our new bedroom. My biggest problem is not bringing the computer into bed with me. It would do my husband a world of good if I cold stop snoring as well.

    1. I know the struggle. I bring my computer to the bed sometimes, but I turn it off 30 minutes to an hour before I think I'll be ready for bed. I can't go to sleep immediately because I'm over stimulated so that 30/60 minutes helps.

  13. These really are great tips. I probably should get a sleep mask. My cat turns on my desk lamp when she wants me to get up and feed her (yes you read that correctly)–and it usually works! I wonder if she would pull the mask down from my eyes? Probably——

  14. Good tips. I need to be better about unwinding before bed. Like..not working until I am too tired and have to go to sleep like I'm doing now 😉 #client

  15. These are great tips for getting a good night of sleep. I have to have it dark and quiet, except for the loud fan we have LOL

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