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4 Fun Mobile Office Perks

One of the fun parts about being a professional blogger is that I get to set my own hours and pretty much dictate my income based on my creativity and hustle.

Another fun part is how easy it is to work on the go. 

I’ve been at this blogging thing a long time and since I pretty much blog about my life, working on the go goes hand in hand.

If you haven’t figured out how to make mobile working fun, I’ll share a few things that make it fun for me.

1. A fun work tote

I’ve tried several work bags to transport my mobile office supplies and it was always a struggle. Carrying a bag around difficult because it was compact and heavy. Plus it was also hard to find what I needed in my bag, but my work tote it perfect. The shape and size makes it easy to see what I have and to access it. It’s fun being able to look inside, grab my device a pen and a journal when stopping at a restaurant. The tote is so easy to keep in the car and just grab what I need.

2. Fun mobile office friendly locations

Another thing that makes working on the go fun is knowing the best places to work on the go. All locations, while they may have wi-fi, are not created equal. While I love Chik-Fil-A, I don’t go there to work. 

The main reason is that it’s kid friendly and hard to work with the noise of crying toddlers. I do however, have a mental list of my favorite local spots to get work done, some of which include the YMCA and library. It’s also key to know what time these places will be mobile office friendly. 

If I have to take an important early call, I’m not going to Panera, because it’s a mobile office made house in there before 10 am. Knowing which locations allow me to be the most productive while working from hem makes it less frustrating and so much fun.

3. Meeting fun new people

If you work from home you already know you can start to get cabin fever. I have no physical co-workers so it can eerily quiet at times. Working from locations around town let’s me get a change of environment and also connect with people. It’s amazing how many people I strike up conversation with at Panera will waiting for my breakfast or working side by side at a table.

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    4. Inspiration

    I can pick and choose where I work and sometimes I’m working in town, but sometimes I ride with my husband out of town for work. He drives for a living and goes to places like Charleston, SC, Myrtle Beach, Charlotte and Augusta.

    Being a writer, photography and digital content creator, I get so visual much inspiration riding along with him. I get to work and sight see a bit when I’m with him and that’s always fun.

    I absolutely love what I do for a living and enjoy getting to wake up and decide if I’ll work from home or on the road. The days when I’m on the road, these 4 fun mobile office perks make work so much more fun.

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    7 thoughts on “4 Fun Mobile Office Perks

    1. These are all great tips! I haven't been able to go blogging full time, but I totally agree about getting cabin fever sometimes. Especially during the holidays, I really enjoy popping in to a new spot to crank out a post or respond to emails!

    2. I travel almost every weekend, but need to take my work with me. A mobile office is such a lifesaver. (And a cute bag or box really helps!)

    3. Love this post! I am hopefully making that transition to blogging full time in the coming months and I had begun to scope out areas where I could get out of the house and work so this post is right on time. I noticed that a Starbucks near me seems to be a great space in the morning so that's one to add to my list. Thanks for the tips!

    4. Love your mobile office tote! That's such a smart idea!!!

    5. Thanks for sharing this!

      Wish I could work on the go :/


    6. That would be great! I have another job and have not started to monetize my blog yet.

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