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You Can Do This Easy Office Bookshelf Makeover

Welcome y’all. Come on into my office and take a look around. It’s been and still is a work in progress and I’m loving every minute of it.

This weekend I finally got around to painting my office bookshelf. It’s one of those under $100 bookshelves that have lasted us for years. It used to be part of my 21 year old daughter’s bedroom furniture when she was a kid. Now, it’s my hand-me-down office furniture and I plan to make it look fabulous.

The first thing I did was to remove everything from the shelves.

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That white paint you see has been there since we built our deck over the summer. I was going to run in here and quickly paint the bookshelf, and never finished because I was too beat. 

First I laid the bookshelf on the floor so I could paint it quicker. I didn’t remove the shelves although I should have if I ever plan on adjusting heights. 

The space behind them won’t be painted, but I was too lazy for that and wanted this project over with quickly. I was ready to see the finished result, but I knew it would be at least two days before that could happen.

Waiting for paint to dry is the longest part of any paint project. 

After three coats of paint I should have added a coat of polyurethane, but I was just too excited about seeing the finished result. I’m going to pay for my hastiness later once I start seeing scratches in the paint. 

As soon as everything was dry I started rearranging my office and finding new homes for things. I’ve always kept my wrapping paper stash in the re-purposed wine bottle holder, but it wasn’t on this bookshelf before. 

You probably remember this wine bottle holder when I showed you 5 Ways to Add Gold Accents to Your Home Decor, so it’s been used for everything except wine.

The next shelf holds my second brain and everything I use to organize and manage my life. Labeled notebooks and file holders me stay organized and manage things. 

More about my system can be found in my How I Organize My Office video

The very last things to go back on the shelves were storage boxes, decorative items and my gold piggy bank for the Save the Change Challenge

If you missed last month, you can still join in. Now, is always a good time to start saving money.
The very last things to go back on the shelves were my nesting boxes boxes and decorative items.

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I absolutely adore the top two shelves. They’re so bright, white, neat and clean. Sitting at my desk working is going to be such a treat.

Here is a full frontal view or my office bookshelf makeover.
That television cart, wasn’t originally there, but I moved it closer to where most of my office supplies were. It just made more sense to have everything in the same area of the room.

Did you enjoy the tour of my office? 

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What did you love most about this makeover? Would you like to see more posts like this?

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55 thoughts on “You Can Do This Easy Office Bookshelf Makeover

  1. That looks awesome! I love using the wine holder as a wrapping paper holder! I am so stealing that idea! Thanks for taking us on the tour.

  2. This looks so clean and crisp! Now I'm feeling a bit inspired (and a bit embarressed) about my junky sloppy bookshelf!

  3. Wow – I'm going to have to go and check out your orginazational posts! Everything looks so great! Love the wrapping paper holder!

  4. What a great way to store wrapping paper! I have a bookcase almost identical to yours that has been in the family forever. It's a cheapo and I recently painted it white. Love the way you've styled yours.

  5. So envious of DIY folks! The bookshelves look very organized and loved the color Scheme U picked!

  6. It looks so much better and it is so organized. I have a shelf, not so pretty and I swear I keep it cluttered.

  7. I like the white! I usually buy the Ikea bookshelves, but I really do need to add some form of backs so that they look more finished, like yours.

  8. I would love to see more post like this! This was adorable I loved all of it!

  9. Your office looks SO cool. Want to come over and do mine? It looks a hot mess and could use some paint and some love. HELP!

  10. I love the little pig sitting on the top shelf! Not only is this appealing to the eye, but it saves lots of room too!

  11. Wow that turned out great! Love that you chose white and all the organizing on the shelf, keeping it neat.

  12. Its so Pretty and extremely organized. I really liked the outcome. You are extremely skilled painting on Carpet .. I would have gotten paint everywhere

  13. I have to say I'm pretty impressed. My office bookshelf is a complete disaster and really needs an overhaul. Nice job!

  14. Saidah, interesting blog post. You are pretty handy that is great that you make it seems so easy. It look like something from a store. Thanks for sharing.

  15. That is so pretty! It's so easy, too! All it took was a little paint and some cute storage to completely change the entire look and feel of it. Great!

  16. I definitely need to tackle my bookshelf in my office – it is a mess. Yours looks so nice!

  17. I have a few of those rolls too! I have NO idea how to store them, that is so smart to use a wine holder!

  18. My office needs a make over. A shelf like this would be perfect.

  19. Oh my, I love this shelf and how you've organized everything. So modern and funky! You've given me some great ideas, thank you 🙂

  20. Looks great. I love the wine bottle holder to hold the wrapping paper and the gold accents are perfect!

  21. I did enjoy the tour of your office. It was nice to see how you upgraded and remade things into something beautiful while keeping your signature style.

  22. That is such an improvement! It looks really nice. Anyone could do this project too!

  23. Wow, great job! I love when a project turns out so well and for very little money. Love the new look!

  24. You did such a great job! I totally want you to come to my house!

  25. You did an incredible job on this. Wow a complete transformation for very little money.

  26. Looks so great! What a difference you made. I love the new look!

  27. OMG this is beautiful! I always wanted a bookcase like this! I'm pinning this! I love how this comes alive

    1. Thanks Robin. I feel like my office looks refreshed. I want to eventually lighten all of the paint in my office.

  28. This is so cool! I really believe I could do this! Your instructions are great and this project turned out so well. Lovely! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Awesome!!! That's how I like to feel when I see online projects. Some of them are out of my league, but I can handle painting snsll furniture.

  29. I have a hideous bookshelf in my office right now. This DIY project looks totally doable!

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