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Yakitori Chicken Fried Rice in 9 Minutes

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Yakitori Chicken Fried Rice

This week has been a bit of a struggle y’all. I found myself swamped with work, a birthday to celebrate and a sick kid. The week was hectic, it was only Tuesday, and if I didn’t come up with a better plan for dinner we were going to spend a small fortune eating out. I called my husband and asked him if he’d pick up some Ling Ling Asian Food Yakitori Chicken so we didn’t have to cook from scratch. My daughter hadn’t been feeling well and was out of school so I was behind in work and knew I’d be working late.Yakitori Chicken Fried Rice

This was our first time making the Ling Ling Fried Rice dishes inspired from Japan and China so I was a little skeptical. In the past, any frozen meal that included vegetables was a definite thumbs down for me, but not this time. With Ling Ling’s Yakitori Chicken Fried Rice, I was pleasantly surprised at how vibrant, crisp and flavorful the veggies were after cooking per the box instructions. On top of that, the chicken was tender and the rice had the perfect amount of bite, not mushy or under cooked.

Just as important is how fast it cooked. My daughter was home with me today and I made some for us. We used one 11 oz. bag for the two of us. Within nine minutes I had this lunch cooked and served for my daughter and I. With her being sick I didn’t want to give her anything heavy in preservatives. Ling Ling’s Yakitori Chicken Fried Rice was perfect because it has “no preservatives”, plus it’s “all natural”.

You can choose from Drunken Noodles and Yakisoba Noodles. Chinese Style Vegetable and Yakitori Chicken or Potstickers with chicken, pork or vegetables. 
Yakitori Chicken Fried RiceYakitori Chicken Fried Rice

Yakitori Chicken Fried RiceYakitori Chicken Fried Rice

Yakitori Chicken Fried Rice

 Yakitori Chicken Fried Rice


Yakitori Chicken Fried Rice
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39 thoughts on “Yakitori Chicken Fried Rice in 9 Minutes

  1. This fried rice dish looks really tasty. As a Working Mom, I love any meal that I can quickly prepare and it easy to make on weeknights.

    1. This is definitely one of my go to’s for those reasons.

    1. Definitely use the link in the article to see where it’s sold on your area.

  2. This would be a great meal on for my family! We love Chinese food.

    1. Absolutely. It’s quick and delicious making it a winner for me.

  3. Man this chicken fried rice sounds so good right now. I really love this recipe!

    1. It’s a great frozen food to keep on hand for busy lunches or dinners.

    1. Awesome! Which will you try?

  4. I love a good fried rice like this that is quick and easy. My favorite kind of fried rice is combination. I love having a ton of different meats mixed in especially shrimp.

    1. Ling Ling has you covered.

  5. BIg fan of fried rice here! I have tried Ling Ling and it is really tasty! Cuts down on cooking time too compared with making fried rice from scratch.

    1. I’ve tried making it from scratch so many times and I never get it quite right. This saves time and it’s good.

  6. I love quick dinner fixes like this one. Ling Ling fried rice has been making waves online and I think it’s about time that I tried it!

  7. This made me so hungry! I LOVE Ling Ling meals and they are in fact VERY good and very easy to make!

  8. Looks really tasty and so fast. Great if you want something really quick with not a lot of fuss.

    1. You are so right!

  9. I still haven’t tried any Ling Ling products but they all look so good. I would love a chicken fried rice in minutes… that sounds so practical on really busy days.

    1. It very much is.

    1. Yep! Because some days call for 9 minute meals.

  10. I love having quick and easy dinners on hand like this. They’re perfect for rushed and busy days.

  11. It looks like it cooked up really well. My husband is not a big Asian food eater, which makes me a closet Asian foodie. 😉 Ha! I love fried rice, susie, Thai…all of it. But I’m the only one! Looks good!

    1. You and I could go to eat anytime. I love everything you mentioned.

  12. WOW, so easy! This looks like a great meal for the busy week night when your scrambling to figure out what to cook!

  13. Sorry you have had a touch week, I have also had sick kids. That makes the week brutal! This rice looks like a great quick and easy lunch option.

  14. This is right up my alley as far as a quick and easy meal goes. I have not yet seen this in my grocery store but I will be on the lookout for it tomorrow when I do my grocery shopping!

  15. Chicken, fried,and rice three of my favorites! This looks really good and when short on time, would be a big help for family meals.

  16. I have tried this and love it so much. Our favorite is the fried rice and beef. Better than most restaurants!

  17. Been seeing this advertised a lot lately. Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. Looks really good and better for you over fast food.

  18. This sounds SO good. I love that it can be ready so quickly, too! I am a BIG fan of things I can whip up in a jiffy on those busy school nights.

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