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Winter Deep Clean: Simple Bathroom Storage & Declutter Idea

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Simple Bathroom Storage & Declutter Idea

This week I’m working my way through my Winter deep clean plan and am focusing on bathrooms.

I deep cleaned the kids bathroom earlier today and began working on organizing the master bath.

So far, I’ve decluttered, switched out the decor and bought in some storage boxes. Between my husband and I’s pet peeves, storage boxes seem to meet our need for a clutter free bathroom. 

Simple Bathroom Storage & Declutter Idea

He hates seeing my lady products, and I hate seeing all of his razors and shavers everywhere.

I found these boxes at the local craft store and thought they’d be great to conceal our things. 

Simple Bathroom Storage & Declutter Idea

I’m just going to give you a peek inside my box which conceals my Poise* Impressa* Bladder Supports, sanitary napkins and tampons. 

Simple Bathroom Storage & Declutter Idea

I keep my Poise Impressa, sanitary napkins and tampons in this box on a high shelf until I need them. When I do, I just bring the box down to the lowest shelf making it easier to grab whatever I need.

Simple Bathroom Storage & Declutter Idea

Most of the stuff in my box is only use once a month except for my Poise. I grab them as needed, especially when: 

  • exercising
  • running errands for a big part of the day
  • long drives

The Poise Impressa Bladder Supports: 

  • are for light incontinence, not a full on pee episode. They stop tinkles you may experience from laughing or any activity that puts pressure on your bladder.,
  • are inserted just like a tampon.
  •  can be used for up to 8 hours every day.
  • come in three sizes.  There’s a Impressa Sizing Kit to help you find the size that will prevent leaks and feel comfy.

When I first told my husband why I use the bladder supports he got all weirded out, but I know you ladies understand. After having children and just getting older, it’s harder to laugh without fear of a little tinkle so I like to keep Poise Impressa Bladder Supports in my storage box. 

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    It’s no fun feeling like I can’t laugh and have a good time with everyone else. Bladder supports are there as a backup if and when I need them.  

    I’ll be sharing the details of my Winter deep cleaning routine on my YouTube channel

    Simple Bathroom Storage & Declutter Idea

    If you want some tips on how to organize your winter deep clean, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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    6 thoughts on “Winter Deep Clean: Simple Bathroom Storage & Declutter Idea

    1. Everything is so neat and tidy! I need to develop a winter deep cleaning plan myself…

    2. What a great idea. I really need to do this with my bathroom. It's a mess!!

    3. My husband doesnt mind seeing my lady stuff and I dont mind seeing his razor coz its electric…

      BUT I respect that its better kept away esp. for my young son and daughter to learn too. Above all I love a neat, clean, everything in its place kinda home and house thank you very much. And I like your level of neatness and house pride. Keep it up Saidah…

    4. Decorative boxes are such an easy way to to store those everyday objects which we don't want on view to visitors especially. Since becoming a Stepmom, I wholly agree about not wishing to see certain lady items laying around 🙂

    5. I seriously need to deep clean/organize my bathrooms. We've never properly organized any of the cabinets or drawers to use them in the right way.

    6. WOW!! Your bathroom looks great all organized. I wish I had more space to organized like this.

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