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Why Stretching Before Exercise is Important

A few years ago Saidah and I were preparing to head out to Atlanta for a marriage retreat. I had an hour or two so I decided to get in a quick workout. My workout was going great and but time was starting to become a factor. So I made to decision to speed things up, do squats quickly, and get out.

Well, you can probably guess what happened next. While coming up I felt a little pinch. It really didn’t hurt much so I didn’t give it much thought. My time was up, so I headed out. Our drive to Atlanta was uneventful and we arrived to our destination.Why Stretching Before Exercise is Important

I got out the van and a new reality set in. My lower back felt like I just got hit with twenty karate chops. I could barely walk to the trunk to get our bags. Was this the day that I have been warned, about or was it something else? The morning started to replay in my mind. Ohhh this is what that pinch has morphed into. I’ve felt little discomforts here and there in the gym and just hanging around the house so why is this time different?

I realized that since I was about 14 or so, that I have been taught to stretch before any physical activity. Like a lot of teens some of this stuck but most didn’t. After high school, usually I only stretched before playing basketball. I didn’t even think about stretching for anything else.Why Stretching Before Exercise is Important

As I look back on things, I realized I missed the warning signs on a lot of things. When the kids were small and I would get on the floor with them, I remember the grunting sounds I used to make getting up. That stiff neck and back getting out of bed didn’t even register

That trip to Atlanta was a different story. As soon I as I got back home, things were different. Since then, I’ve read a lot on why stretching helps in the gym and in everyday life. There are many different technical terms and much scientific data referencing the importance of your body maintaining flexibility. I don’t need to get into all of that. A quick internet will tell you all that you need to know.

Now that I’m paying attention, I’ve seen many hurt themselves without stretching. Most were like me, hard headed and thinking that they were too young for hurt backs and shoulders. Just remember that grunting getting off the floor, or that stiff limb for no reason is not for no reason. You can believe me now or pay for it later.Why Stretching Before Exercise is Important


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