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What You Need to Know Before Shopping for Health Insurance

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My husband and I have been self employed for going on six years. Four of those years we were uninsured. 

Not having health insurance was nerve racking, but we kept ourselves healthy through exercise and healthy eating. We later purchased a high deductible plan which means basic care isn’t included, but at least you won’t have the foot the whole bill for major medical issues.

Now, due to the Affordable Care Act, we have a great plan that a) is affordable and  b) provides coverage for routine checkups and major medical issues. 

There will be an open enrollment period starting November 15, 2014 through February 15, 2015 where we’ll have the option of switching providers. Not just us, but you as well.

WATCH: Open Enrollment Guide: Tips On Comparing Health Plans

Shopping for Health Care is something we’ll be doing now that our current premium will increase by $35.  I’m not sure specifically why my premium is increasing, but the next video explained a lot about what the reason could be. 

brightcove.createExperiences(); There was a time when I was so scared to research and choose a health care plan. There were just so many options and unfamiliar words that made it hard to make a decision. 

Now, providers like United Health Care, have videos that make it easy for anyone to understand their options. The video Questions to Ask When Choosing Health Insurance is great at breaking down the basics.

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This year I feel so much more confident in the health insurance shopping process. 

If you have questions, I can try to answer them or point you in the direction to find the answers you need.

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9 thoughts on “What You Need to Know Before Shopping for Health Insurance

  1. I work for a carrier and it can be confusing but take advantage of all the information provided so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Don't just look at cost.

  2. Thanks for letting us know the open enrollment dates. I just upgraded our insurance through my husbands job. I have many health issues, so medical bills are always high for us. Thank you!

  3. I'm so glad that in today's day and age we can research before making a decision. I was offered a different healthcare plan which sounded like a good upgrade but after researching it online, I realized that while it may be good for others, it was mostly irrelevant upgrades for me. Knowledge is power, so thanks for a great article informing others!

  4. Healthcare is an important part of life that adults must pay attention to in order to maintain good health and a satisfactory lifestyle.

  5. There was a time that we didn't have insurance either. We made too much for medi-cal from our state, but not enough to be able to afford our own plan. Thankfully we have medical now through my husband's work but I do understand the stress that goes into not having it. I'm so glad these type of plans are available now, and I'm sure it's a relief for you too!

  6. Thank you for sharing this! Not only is this important for folks to know, but it's the law now. Not having health insurance can result in a tax fine, so it's great that UH is helping folks to make sense of it!

  7. This is great info to know. My husband's insurance enrollment is in may every year.

  8. I didn't have health insurance until these plans came about. I filled out the paperwork but we were so confused we had to get help. My husband gave up on it and didn't fill it out but I mangled my way through it. He still doesn't have health insurance because his job doesn't offer it to non full time employees (he works full time but not considered full time …its complicated) but he should be getting hired on full time by the end of the year and hopefully he can get something. If he doesn't I will be fill it out for him because he gets so frustrated. Thank you for this. Shopping around is a great because you have options and I am the type of person who needs options.

    1. I know all about that working full time hours but not considered a full time employees. Thr health insurance process should be easy, but sometimes it's hard. Don't give up. Health insurance is such an important investment.

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