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We Just Bought A Car Cash Money!

A few months ago we did a thing! We drove four hours to Georgia to buy a new car.

Germaine had been researching for months looking for the best deal for our budget. All the while, I’d been saving most of the money from that seasonal job I started a few months ago.

We wanted to save for a few more months, but Germaine’s work car stopped working and we had to move up our car purchase timeline. With his car giving out it meant he had to drive our family car. I didn’t mind sharing the minivan with him for two more months while we saved a little more for a car, but he felt we needed to make our move now so we did.

That moved up the car buying timeline up by two months. We did some final research and drove down to Georgia with our eye on a few cars at two dealerships.

When we got to the first dealership we test drove three Nissan Altima’s in blue, grey and crimson. The Grey was instantly removed from our list and we were down to the crimson and blue Altima’s.

I wanted the blue one but it cost more than I was willing to spend. We ended up negotiating the price on the crimson Altima down to our cash price and walking away with a new car and a surprise extended warranty.

That day we walked out the new owners of this crimson 2015 Nissan Altima S. At first I hated the color just to be honest, but after having it a few weeks I fell in love with it. The crimson fits me perfectly and the size of the car makes it easy to handle. Everything about this car is so pretty and perfect. 

The best part was saving up every dollar that went into this purchase and paying cash. Not having any debt and owning it outright makes the energy I put into my seasonal job worth it.

Have you ever saved up for something special and bought it? How was that experience for you?

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