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Ways to Increase Energy Naturally

This post was sponsored by Avitae Caffeinated Water as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

My weekend was filled to the brim with errands and activities in preparation school resuming. Germaine and I got all the kids school shopping and registration done in one weekend versus dragging it out over the next few weeks and let me say that I’m drained.

Back to school prep is a bit different for us this year because we are shopping for regular school items and dorm room essentials. So on top of clothing, we’re buying linen, cleaning supplies, small furniture and storage items. Getting my oldest son ready for college alongside preparing my teens for high school is so exciting, but also draining.

In the process we were also in the process of buying a new car, packing and planning a 13 hour road trip to get my son moved in at school. We have so many exciting things on our plate that has kept our days full over the past few weeks.

Having so many things to do with a limited amount of time and energy can get super stressful if I’m not strategic in taking time to recharge. When I’m in busy seasons, here are some of the things I do to increase my energy and stay balanced.

Eat and Hydrate

When I get busy I tend to skip the basics like eating, hydrating and exercising. I’ll talk about the latter in a moment. Skipping the basics is the very things that gives me the energy to push through and get things done. I constantly working on breaking the habit of basic nutritional self-care neglect. As moms, we tend to forsake showering, eating and exercise all to make sure our families needs are met, but for me that habit backfires every time. When I take care of myself properly I am a better wife and mama.

5 Ways to Increase Energy Naturally

Journal and Reflect

I plan time to reflect on the amazing things going on in my life and plan my days. When things get busy for me, planning my time in advance helps tremendously and put some of my tasks on autopilot. When I’m busy, my mind tends to fog up and it’s hard to think about small everyday details so writing them down in the form of checklists helps. Having my daily journal pages allows me to glance back on what I’ve accomplished when I’m able to take a breather.

5 Ways to Increase Energy Naturally

Exercise and Stretch

Physical activity does wonders for my mind and body when I have a lot on my plate. Carving out 15 to 60 minutes just to stretch, get my heart rate up and my blood pumping seems to reset my entire body.

You’d think you’d be burning energy while moving, which you are, but you’re also waking up your mind and body. Exercise releases natural endorphins and serotonin which increase positive feelings and diminishes stress.


5 Ways to Increase Energy Naturally

Quiet Time

This is one of my favorite things to do for about 45 minutes each day. During my quiet time I’ll either practice creating exercises and read. Both activities stimulate the brain and cause it to focus on the task at hand. I use and app for my breathing exercises that sends tiny pulses to my wrist to help me focus on the exercise and nothing else. Reading works in a similar way. It’s hard to read and think about anything else while reading so it’s an easy way to “take your mind off things” that may be zapping your energy.

5 Ways to Increase Energy Naturally

Grab and Go Food, Beverages and Snacks

Keeping food, snacks and beverages on hand that refuel me is going to build upon everything I’ve already shared. I have a dorm room sized fridge where I store easy to grab items like my Avitae Caffeinated Water, fresh fruit and homemade humus. Avitae is made with purified water and  is infused with up to one and a half cups (125mg) of natural caffeine from green coffee beans

Avitae caffeinated water is my healthy hydration with a natural caffeine boost option. It has no sugar, zero calories and no artificial flavors in it’s unflavored, flavored and “Sparking Avitae” options so it’s not a sweet drink. When I’m craving caffeine, but don’t want the added calories from sugary sodas, teas, energy drinks, or a cup of coffee packed with cream and sugar I grab Avitae.

There keep several flavored and unflavored 16.9 ounce grab-and-go bottles in my fridge to choose from. When it’s too hot for coffee or I’m running outdoor errands Avitae Caffeinated Water is the perfect on-the-go alternative.

5 Ways to Increase Energy Naturally

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