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Walking Taco Bar Birthday Party

We celebrated my son’s 11th birthday last week with a Walking Taco bar themed party. It was a task trying to sneak around and set up for a mid school week party, but I pulled it off.
My youngest son is absolute to sweetest. He has a smile that lights up a room and is my twin. 
For his mid school week party, I incorporated dinner and dessert since I knew we’d be pressed for time after school. 
I made the dinner fun by combining nachos into a method that didn’t require plates. 

For Walking Tacos, you just add the meat, cheese and lettuce in a bag of chips.

For dessert, I’d normally bake a cake, but I didn’t want to wear myself thin, so I bought some cookies and cupcakes to use as the dessert centerpiece. 

Even without a cake, I think the sparkly blue candles and bright colors from the cupcakes, did the trick.
As soon as my son, got in from school he was so surprised. 
I was really dreading putting together a party in the middle of the school week, but using a mix of store bought items and kid friendly foods, made it much easier than I thought.

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4 thoughts on “Walking Taco Bar Birthday Party

  1. What a nice surprise. That sounds like it was a fun party. I can't imagine how hard it was to keep it a secret.

    1. I don't know how people throw surprise parties!! I was so excited the days leading up to the party. I wanted to tell him already…LOL

  2. Thanks Heather. My son told me what he wanted in the menu and I tried to make it more party friendly. He loves nacho nights..

  3. That plate set up is amazing! Beautiful job and great idea for a Taco Bar! I love the idea.

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