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Valentine’s Day Card & Candy Collection Box Tutorial

Valentine's Day Card & Candy Collection Box Tutorial 

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I don’t want you to feel like you have to go out buy a cute v-day storage box for the craft store. I want to inspire you to either make one for your child or supply your little one with some supplies so they can make their own.

Making a Valentine’s Day Card and Candy Collection Box is really super easy. (Tweet This) If you can wrap a present, you can make a Valentine’s Day Card and Candy Collection Box. 

To start you’ll need:

Valentine's Day Card & Candy Collection Box Tutorial

1. Start by tracing and cutting out a rectangular opening on the top of your box. I used an envelope to determine how long to make my opening and made the opening wide enough to fit a candy bar.

2. Next, cut a piece of sparkly pink wrapping paper twice the width of your box. Then wrap the box with the sparkly pink wrapping paper or a color that works best for your child and secure it with hot glue.

3. Now find the card opening and cut away to wrapping paper covering it. Just made a slit down the middle and fold the excess paper from the slit, into the box.

4. Using scrapbook paper, make a heart the length of your opening. Next, I cut the heart in half and attach one side of the heart to either side of the opening.
Valentine's Day Card & Candy Collection Box TutorialFinally, embellish to edges using bling on a roll. You can use buttons or any craft item you have on hand.
Valentine's Day Card & Candy Collection Box Tutorial

After Valentine’s Day, you can use the box to write and receive love notes back and forth with your kids. Just place the box in a central location with some envelopes, pens, and paper. 

Valentine's Day Card & Candy Collection Box Tutorial

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15 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Card & Candy Collection Box Tutorial

  1. This is such a cute idea! I would've loved to make this when I was still living in the dorm.

  2. Omg how cute is this valentines box?!?! It would be perfect for my daughters school Valentine's Day party!

  3. So cute! My girls want to do something like this for art so I think we will have to. I remember making them in school, now they dont really do them anymore around where I live. Holidays aren't what they used to be! – Jeanine

  4. So many memories! Decorating a box for Valentien's day was my favorite!!

  5. This is such a fun craft to do. I will have to get the supplies I need to make one this weekend.

  6. Looks like a fun craft! I love to research arts and craft ideas for V-day to do with my kiddos at school <3

  7. Oh this is awesome! So simple and yet incredibly sparkly! It looks like it takes awhile, but super easy. My girls will enjoy this

  8. This is absolutely so cute and I know my kids would love to make these boxes! Thank you for sharing your diy!

  9. So cute! Some of my fondest memories are making Valentine's boxes with my mom, and one day, if/when I have kids, we'll make them together too!

  10. This is such a great idea! I am going to do this with my little man for Valentine's Day!

  11. Wow this is so good! You are so crafty1 I remember doing this in school. Always fun!

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