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Turn Your Health Goals into Walgreens Balance Rewards

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I’m a stone cold health and wellness junkie nowadays. I love challenging myself to lift heavier weights or complete more repetitions in my workout. 

I also love challenging myself when it comes to cardio. I love lifting, but cardio is the thorn in my side.

Cardio doesn’t come easy for me so I come up with all kinds of goals and rewards to keep myself motivated.

Right now I’m using the Balance Rewards for healthy choices feature within the Walgreens app. 

I’ve been using the Walgreens app for almost a year now to track my spending, savings and rewards earned, but now I’m also using it to track my health goals.

It lets me set my weekly goals and record my accomplishments. In exchange, for completing tasks, I earn balance rewards. 

Since I shop at Walgreens at least once a week, the reward program is perfect for me. The more accomplishments I achieve, the more Balance Rewards I earn. 

The great thing about the app is you don’t even have to be a health junkie to use it. You can track things such as your everyday steps, your weight, glucose levels and earn points for those tasks.

The app is designed to encourage health and wellness in several daily activities not just exercising. 

So go ahead and download the app and begin racking up Balance Reward points.

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12 thoughts on “Turn Your Health Goals into Walgreens Balance Rewards

  1. I have so many points it's ridiculous. What I don't like is that they tell you what you can and can't use it on. I spend my money there, it should be my choice!

  2. Exactly Stephanie. When I heard about the app, I was like "Yes!!!". Get rewards for something I'm already doing….? Okay!!

  3. That will be fun Janeane. My husband and I did that when we first got back into exercising. When a husband and wife work together it's a win-win.

  4. Thanks Nicole. Knowing I can buy something from the beauty aisle is a bonus to keep me motivated.

  5. I love that you're using fun rewards to push yourself to the next level! You go girl!

  6. I am going to have to check this app out because my husband and I have a challenge to get into shape by our 25th wedding anniversary March 31, 2015 and I cannot let him beat me!

  7. My Balance Rewards rack up so fast; it's hard not to keep an eye on them when I log into my app for the digital coupons and health tracker tools!

  8. Very inspiring – you've got amazing goals & look great! I love the Walgreens app! It's great to be able to earn rewards for what you're already doing!

  9. You are definitely motivating me to get moving! I love using the Walgreens app!

  10. You're doing amazing on your fitness journey! I love how easy it is to stay accountable with this app and I've found the rewards to be so motivating! #client

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